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Sat, Jan 31st - 11:46AM

Online Business |Seo Marketing

Some people feel the  financial investment of setting up an online business is too high to take the risk.  The Mysteries - Online Business and SEO Marketing collection of Questions and Answers will show you the only real investment is time, dedication and patience.  You will find that it's not easy but it is simple.

Creating a online business can be a long and demanding process, or it can be done relatively easily. You can do it the wrong way or you can do it the right way and save money, time and energy.

Just follow the step by step guide and read all the questions and answers in The Mysteries - Online Business and SEO Marketing collection book and learn how your online can be easy and successful.

Based on years of research I have concluded that anyone is capable of starting and maintaining a successful online business.  The Mysteries - Online Business and SEO Marketing collection will help you understand and guide you through the process on how to proceed in the right direction with the right tools in the right order. 

I will provide you with invaluable links to free tools and resources needed to build a successful online business.  A great help to those with limited budgets. 

I have been asked this question many times. "Why do most people fail with their online business?"  The answer is LACK OF KNOWLEDGE AND TRAINING. I have tried to impress upon people to do what the big Gurus are doing not what they tell you to do.  Brad Fallon put a package together called STOMPERNET which has most of the information you need, not so much for starting an online business but for maintaining it successfully.  They charged One Thousand Dollars for this package.  I bought the package and yes it is very good and very informative but One Thousand Dollars.  Pleeeease give me a break. The Mysteries - Online Business and SEO Marketing has covered everything STOMPERNET has to offer plus, for 1/20th of the cost.  That is only Fifty Dollars.  How can you beat that. 

Most people feel that if they have a beautiful well designed website that is all that is needed.  Well that is not the case. You need traffic. Without traffic yo will do no business.

  • You cannot sell anything from your site without traffic.
  • You cannot get traffic to your site unless you are on page one on the Googles Organic Search   Engine Result Page (SERP).  (unless you want to pay)
  • You cannot be on page one on the Goolge Organic (SERP) without talking to the spiders.
  • You cannot talk to the spiders without optimizing your Web site. (SEO)
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is of no value if you are not indexed in the Google Data Base.
  • You cannot get indexed in the Google data base unless others are lined to your site that is being crawled by the spider.
  • You cannot get linked to other sites unless you have a site with quality content of value. (No one wants to backlink with a no quality site)
  • You cannot have anything of value to offer unless you have a niche/topic that is in demand.
  • You cannot have a topic/product that is in demand until you do research on your topic/demand.
  • You cannot do the research until you have a niche....(Find your valued in demand Topic)

Whoever starts with choosing a topic or product and starts looking for traffic is going to fail.  There is all the good stuff in between that has to be done first. 

Anyone with a computer and an Internet connection has the opportunity to start an online business.  Patience and following the process is what will make it a success.   

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