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Wed, Feb 13th - 2:51PM

A thoughtful commentary on the SOTU and Marco Rubio's response.  It's nice to see someone able to discuss the merits, and lacks, without needing to trot the bottled water incident out.

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Mon, Feb 11th - 7:28PM

[img][/img] [link=]Pass the Popcorn[/link]
This just in:   Rove and Trump 'all good Republicans,' says McDonnell

Seriously?  Neither one of these clowns is "good" by any measure of human decency.  I guess it WAS qualified; they are republicans, not human.

Fair enough.

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Wed, Feb 6th - 4:56PM

People wising up to TV News?
A new Public Policy Polling survey on television news finds that there's only one source more Americans trust than distrust: PBS. 52% of voters say they trust PBS to only 29% who don't trust it.

Seven other major outlets polled on are all distrusted by a majority of the population.
Where did the wuality news source Fox come in?  Well, 41% trust, 46% distrust. 

Read the details

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Thu, Jul 19th - 6:53PM

Taxes and not Taxes
So much energy being put into whether romney did or did not pay taxes.
Does it REALLY matter what he did - technically? I think the answer is no.

What really matters is how it is possible for him to follow a one set of rules - how many of us have dressage horses to deduct after all - and the vast majority another? Why he and other people don't see that as a broken part in the machine is what is important.

What's SO troubling is that he doesn't GET it. I'd be much happier if he said "look, I make a shitload of money and you don't so I want special treatment"
Then we could judge that on it's merits. But to say that he plays in the same game we do...that's just insulting
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Fri, Jul 6th - 2:51PM

A funny song - if it weren't so true
I was driving along the other day when this song came on:

Nowhere man
from the Beatles Rubber Soul album. I got this immediate visual I simply couldn't shake for the longest time: Mitt Romney
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