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Fri, Jul 13th - 11:39AM

Why won't Romney release his taxes
This is looking more and more like the herman cain train wreck to me. The longer mittens holds off the harder he'll get hit for "maybe" having offshore accounts, "maybe" running Bain (how appropriate the pronunciation of the name is....), and so on.

On the other hand, it looks more and more like if he does release documents it will merely confirm that the "maybe" becomes "yes"

Either way it shows a lack of the kind of character we need in a leader.
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Sat, Jan 28th - 6:01AM

Romney is just a Wall Streeter
Why are we even considering this individual for president, or ANY public office for that matter, when he should be tarred and feathered?

He pretty much embodies what most of us dislike about those in the corporate world.

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Thu, Jan 26th - 7:39PM

OUCH - Romney fails to disclose income
Really?  Does it come as a suprise to anyone that mittens "failed" to mention income derived from a private swisss bank account or other investment funds -ncluding those that derived income from buying mortgage backed securities?

Really?  It only makes him toxic to most of the rest of us.  Toxic.  The Newt is a dirtbag, bet even he is looking good compared to mittens.  Read on.

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Thu, Jan 19th - 8:50PM

Do YOU have a Cayman islands account?
Mittens does.:

Although it is not apparent on his financial disclosure form, Mitt Romney has millions of dollars of his personal wealth in investment funds set up in the Cayman Islands, a notorious Caribbean tax haven.

So seriously, THIS is the man people want as president?  The one that will hide his money outside the US in order to avoid the onerous 15% taxe he's currently paying?  Which is well below what most of US in the 99 pay as a percentage.

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Tue, Jan 17th - 8:20PM

Mittens only pays 15 percent
More "precisely" he says he pays "about" 15 percent.  SO you can assume it's generally south of that number, but when he releases current return it will be close to that.

Your average family making 50k a year pays more than that when you toss in social security and medicare.

Mittens is going to have to answer this to the rest of us 99 percenters

And this man says he has the know it all to lead the US?

He doesn't work, doesn't know what work is.



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