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  • Under the Mossy Oak Tree
    Author: Dramoor
    Everything under the Sun, Moon and Stars!

    Urantia Book - Fifth major divine revelation to our world,
    Author: Opey
    The Urantia Book has been wending it's way through our planet's cultures and generations since it's publication on October 12, 1955, leavening the spiritual current of the planet and gathering the grass-roots momentum that will inevitably serve to exalt the spiritual gospel originally promulgated by the Universe Creator when he was incarnated among us on August 21st, 7 B.C. That saving gospel is:

    Through living faith in God as the infinitely-loving Father of oneself, uniquely and supremely, and of each and every other person on the planet, each may realize and daily experience spiritual son/daughtership, becoming personally assured of his indwelling Spirit presence and abiding guidance. This wholehearted and living faith *IS* one's salvation into eternal life.

    Used2gofast's Blog
    Author: Used2gofast
    I have never fully understood the attraction of this blogging phenom... but I thought I'd give it a chance. If you have seen my 'WebRing' profile page you know that my passion is my "faith". My webrings reflect that as well as my personal website. My latest mission is a Christian Fellowship/Directory called "International Organization of Associated Christian Webmasters" (IOACW). Any of you Christian webringers out there, come and join us!

    user eddiebiles's Blog
    Author: user eddiebiles
    Amazing grace

    user elderwil58's Blog
    Author: user elderwil58
    Its content is filled with biblical truths about the Love of Yahweh, our creator, and Yahshua Messiah for the world of mankind,with an aim to point the spiritually poor, confused, bound, sick and dying souls to Him, the only one true and living God.In addition,to impact the nations that whosoever believes would find the path that leads to Father through Yahshua Messiah, and the eternal Sabbath-Kingdom.

    user ibnabdullah's Blog
    Author: user ibnabdullah

    user jesusmyjoy's Blog
    Author: user jesusmyjoy
    I post my heart feelings my trials and joys and devotions and prayers and scripture.

    user lovely47's Blog
    Author: lovely47
    Our world is falling apart we need to seek God for His help. Much too long we are trying to fix it by ourselves, but it's not workng. Perhaps more prayer is what needed. Then let's all start praying more from now....

    user paganmagic's Blog
    Author: user paganmagic
    A pagan blog with information on Headlines, Herbs, Crystals and More.

    user raykirk444's Blog
    Author: user raykirk444
    Welcome to my

    user vladd77's Blog
    Author: user vladd77

    Womens Interest
    Author: Proverbs 31 Women WebRing
    By and for Christian women -your place for articles, poems, stories and much more.

    WorldWide Christian Websites Blog
    Author: Bear
    The Blog for the webring "WorldWide Christian Websites". Information and updates to the WCW ring that are happening.

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