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  • Ring Around the Quaker
    Author: Kofu
    A test blog for the Quaker WebRing.

    Author: user stjamesparis
    Sing to the Lord, all the earth; proclaim his salvation day after day.

    satangay666's Blog
    Author: satangay666
    german satanic gay male

    Satsang Blog
    Author: satsangblogger

    Sink Your Roots
    Author: Sink Your Roots
    For serious Christian growth ... sink your roots into the Word of God.

    Spiritual Fruits - Christian and Gay
    Author: user spiritualfruits
    ALL believers are precious and have been personally chosen by God to be in His beloved family! Including the GLBTQ community. Scriptures, resources, moral issues and more.

    Spread the Word Christian Ring
    Author: user nivpsalm
    Liberal Protestant, Ecumenical and Interfaith Christian sites dedicated to those who believe that Jesus Christ brought an opportunity for healing, forgiveness and hope.

    St James Anglican Church
    Author: user stmarysont
    Anglican Church in St Marys, Ontario. How good it is to sing praise to God.

    The Barefoot Bishop's Blog
    Author: The Barefoot Bishop
    Musings, visions, rantings, information, teachings, channelings, speakings and anything else this eccentric Daughter of My Mother feels like putting out to the world!!!

    The Coming New World Order
    Author: user jjsmith
    Total Surveillance. Imagine being forced to receive a signal-emitting microchip that would be implanted beneath your skin containing your personal information and identifiable with a scanner, without which you could neither buy nor sell goods.

    The Episcopal Ring
    Author: user cambridge
    The Episcopal Ring is intended to bring Episcopalians into contact with one another. It links official and unofficial church sites, personal blogs, sites on the history and current news of the Episcopal Church

    The Messiah Adventure ::: Mark A. Foster, Ph.D. :::
    Author: Mark A. Foster, Ph.D.
    This blog will discuss various individuals who have claimed to be spiritual leaders of one sort or another.

    The Presbyterian Ring
    Author: user millbrook1
    Our WebRing was formed to link together Presbyterian Church Web sites.

    The You and Me World Through Giving
    Author: Seamist
    Follow the "Law of Abundance and Successful Living" - The secret of wealth is helping others get what they want. What you want for yourself, want more for others.

    When you creates a void that must be filled.

    Change Your Thinking
    Change Your Life!

    Elite Resurrected Is a Non-Profit Charitable 501(3)(c) Organization

    The first on-line legal Gifting program and Ministry, spreading the good news as it is decreed in Luke 6:38.

    Unbeliever - A blog about religion, superstition, science and reason
    Author: Unbeliever
    A blog dedicated to undermining the frauds that ride on superstition and self delusions, to curing those caught in these delusional beliefs, and to ring the alarm for media and secular moderates who give such nonsense more room than they deserve by being overly politically correct.

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