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  • Jesus Loves You
    Author: user thamesville
    A place for prayer, Christian warmth and love.

    Lady Althaea's Spouts of Randomness
    Author: Lady Althaea
    Spouts of randomness as the muses hit me.

    Live The Walk Church Blog
    Author: Live The Walk Church
    Come join us as we learn from each other HOW to live the walk daily, rather than just talking the talk on Sunday! We are all members of the same family and its time we learn to treat each other like family. Brush off what society has misinformed us to believe and Discover how to integrate living for God into your everyday life. Come back daily to see how others Live The Walk!

    London Ontario Anglican Churches
    Author: user londonanglican
    The see city of the Diocese of Huron has more than 20 Anglican Churches

    LOREK or Lodge of the Order of Enlightened Knights
    Author: lorek lorek-world
    A secret Order and a religious movement together, energising and bringing: positive sentiments,discipline,support,the Unescapable Love of Eternity.LOREK receives direct and exclusive spiritual and energising guidance from the legitimate Universal Energy Society.

    mel5051's Blog
    Author: mel5051
    MELRC Holocaust Memorial and MELRC Links to Jewish Sites with pictures from Israel.

    Micki's Blog
    Author: Micki

    Midnight Muse's Blog
    Author: Midnight Muse
    My Pagan Path!!

    Miraculous God Jesus sound 'Ah'
    Author: user xavjude
    I'd like to share a Christian miracle in this blog post.

    This is about a Miraculous God Jesus sound "Ah" which we heard it in our Tamil song.

    You can hear the sound "Ah" around 0:17minute from the above website link.

    To understand more, please visit the link "Translation" in the website.

    For further assistance and if the sound link not downloadable, please mail me to


    In Christ,

    Munanso Kimbisa Blog
    Author: user munanso

    Pharaoh cheops 's Blog
    Author: user samandlea214
    All the evidence about Pharaoh Cheops.

    Prayer Guide
    Author: user reflections1
    Articles to help you to personally understand and apply prayer into your spiritual life.

    Presbyterian Church in America
    Author: user pca
    True to the Scriptures, the reformed faith, and obedient to the Great Commission of Jesus Christ.

    Reflections & Revelations by Eaglescry
    Author: eaglescry
    Reflections & Revelations is a collections of thoughts, questions and commentary concerning Kingdom living in the end times.

    Author: removed removed

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