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  • user bgbloggiles's Blog
    Author: user bgbloggiles
    Maybe you believe others comments about your inability to succeed or your
    faults as they see them. What's stopping you proving them wrong or challenging their view instead of accepting it? Defend yourself. Your self esteem depends on it! If you have a poor opinion of yourself, why should others respect you? I can find help for youe needs

    user harhm's Blog -
    Author: user harhm
    If you struggle with any of these issues god has given me some steps to help you.

    We at HARHM are not counselors we are evangelist. Our prayer is for you to get your victory in your battles. We by experience know that the steps we ask you to pursue do work. We are examples of these steps.

    If you are a victim of Physical, verbal and mental abuse:

    If you are a victimizer. A person who did someone wrong.

    If you are an alcoholic, drug addicted, overeater, anorexic.

    If you are divorced or separated

    If you are broke or unemployed

    If you are a spouse of a prisoner / jail

    If you are a back slidden Christian

    If you are sick, have a disease or suffer from a disability

    user krimo666's Blog
    Author: user krimo666

    user rhogre60's Blog
    Author: user rhogre60

    WebSissy's Blog
    Author: WebSissy
    I'm the designer and hostess of a large, popular web site and global web communty designed and created specifically for men who enjoy dressing up as women and girls and serving as maids or houseboys for genetic Females.

    In the west, the most common term that's applied to men like me is to call us "sissies". Believe it or not, there are countless thousands of guys worldwide who share these admittedly peculiar-sounding interests and fantasies.

    This blog is a place to explore and discuss such interests in a frank dialogue where others who may be curious about the often complex interests and motivations of sissies and the Women we love to serve can learn about this often misunderstood psycho-sexual fetish.

    Welcome to my blog!

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