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  • Mehndi Design Trends and Other Hobbies
    Author: user henna

    Mona's Blog
    Author: Mona
    Aside from 16 years invested as an independent jewelry artisan, I created an on-line radio talk show near the end of January 2008. With an original audience of 15 people, my show is now drawing a range of between 3000 and 8000 live listeners every Sunday afternoon!

    I'm looking for independent jewelry artisans to present as featured guest artists at The Jewelry Connection for the 2009 Calendar of events! Live Shows present every Sunday afternoon at 12pm PST, 2pm CST, or 3pm EST depending on what part of the country you live in!

    Almost 24/7 the show operates with a pre-recorded program of music and information about the most exciting places on the internet to experience original wearable art. Videos of previously featured guest artists are found by clicking on the media tab in the broadcast room or visiting my home page! I offer a script prior to the show for you to fill out and return to me! Contact me, send me pictures, return the script, and be there for your show! The interview may be conducted by telephone at the very least, or by webcam and headset with mic if you have a user id at!
    To get a user id visit
    To review the home page of TJC visit
    To visit the broadcast room go to
    F5 is the reset button for the broadcast room and will fix any issues you are having with loading videos or with sound there.
    The open audio slide bar needs to be moved all the way to the left to cure any looping sound.
    Please contact me if you are interested in joining me for a spot as featured artist!
    Producer and Host of The Jewelry Connection

    THE YarnWright dba Noreens' Knit*che
    Author: user knitche
    Knitting, crocheting, spinning, tatting, bobbinlace and designing are my NICHE in life!

    This and That
    Author: user ladybettycraft
    My ever day doing. My hobbies, crafts pets and so on

    Tina's Fringe's Blog
    Author: Tina's Fringe
    Welcome to Tina's beaded fringe

    Home of the best beaded fringe on the web @ the very best prices!

    **~~Free shipping~~** enter coupon code freeship @ checkout (expires 4/15/2009)
    All of my fringe is sold by the yard.

    My Beautiful Beaded Fringe is all handmade with the finest products on the market. Most of my fringe is all glass unless otherwise specified. Each dangle is sewn with four threads and individually knotted for super strength and durability with movement, and may be cut @ any point for ease of application. With over 100 styles and colors in stock your sure to find just the right
    fringe for your artistic project. All of my fringe is sold by the yard unless otherwise specified. All vintage and victorian style fringes are reproductions. We also specialize in handmade, one-of-a kind Belly Dance Costumes and one-of-a kind handmade Beaded home decor. Custom Fringe orders are our speciality! Samples are available upon request, email us for any questions

    TR Designs's Blog
    Author: TR Designs
    Custom cards,candles, bookmarks and gift baskets.

    user amberparadise's Blog
    Author: user amberparadise
    Amber jewellery, Real amber, baltic amber jewellery, amber, gemstone, amber necklace, amber bracelet, amber pendant, amber earrings, amber rings, amber gifts, amber cufflings, amber brooch, Unique pieces, Surprising gifts, Gorgeous designs, Great Service, Fast delivery, silver jewellery, silver chains, love hearts.

    user dichro's Blog
    Author: user dichro
    Blog about Glass Pipes, Water Bongs, Bubblers and the websites that carry them

    user namachar2's Blog
    Author: user namachar2

    user ravenspark's Blog
    Author: user ravenspark

    user vintage51's Blog
    Author: vintage51
    I create in a variety of medium, watercolor, pen and ink some paper collage. Fiber of all sorts - quilting both traditional and art quilts, machine embroidery and felting. Photography and Photoshop as well as other programs.

    WoolAndTheGang's Blog
    Author: WoolAndTheGang
    Knitting has never been more glamorous, simple and a unifier of fun and pleasure.

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