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    Author: Suggestions
    Boy I tell you what, I was knocked off my feet yesterday because not of the new but how and what happened while receiving it, My attorney call and said that the investigation
    Was done, that I had nothing to worry about that all things are dropped,
    I said that it was good and thanked him for his job in his efforts of justice for my son and I. Just after that I experienced one of the worst things that I think a attorney could ever do to a person.
    My Attorney had suggested that I hold my visits under a camera at some store location, I said that I was fine with it across from the police station, court house and sheriffs office, That I felt safe there and that I did not want to change location at this time that I would get a dash cam if it was that important to him.
    My attorney started to bang the phone on his desk three or for times while I was talking to him, while having a smugness laugh talking over me saying that I donít think that you get my point. (Do it at some location away from the one that you at now!!) .
    I said what did you just do? to my attorney, He bye passed my talking and said, You know I think that this is a no brainier. Listen to me, I once again said no I feel safe across from the police station court house and sheriffs office, Hey starts yelling at me at the top of his lungs YOU NEED TO LISTEN TO ME I AM TRYING TO HELP YOU ITíS A KNOW BRAINIER I CANT DEFFEND YOU, IF YOU DONíT LISTEN TO ME!!!! I said no to him and that he need to quit yelling at me, I am fine where the drop off are located, that if I need a police man than I could just go across the street and get one no waiting for them to get there.
    My attorney said I am sorry for yelling at you, But this is getting no where, you are a stubborn person, Iíll charge you another 2000.00 dollar retainer if she meaning my ex files another fake charge and I have to defend you. I will call her attorney and discuss it with her and get back to you.

    To all my net work help me in the response to my attorney in fighting for my child, Was I in the wrong??????????

    Epona Ridge Blog
    Author: Epona Ridge
    Working with the energy of horses and learning about personal growth through what they have to teach us inspires all kinds of things about life and following your bliss. This blog is open to anyone on the journey of following their hearts calling.

    Hydro Massage Beds
    Author: user massagespecialist
    Hydro Massage plays an important role in massage industry and offers people comfort dryness and quick massage.

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