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  • Barrie Home Inspector's Blog
    Author: Home Inspector
    Providing information about Home Inspections in the Barrie and surrounding area. Common questions and answers that will help and guide the Barrie real estate purchaser in making an informed purchase.

    Author: user kerriesells
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    dexter74's Newton help Blog
    Author: user dexter74
    Help, tips & tricks for the Apple Newton Messagepad

    Domestic Abuse Awareness
    Author: Trii
    This web site is dedicated to all women everywhere. No matter where you are, or how you got there, you can change the circumstances of your life. No one can stop you from reaching your goals and finding happiness; no one except yourself. It doesn't matter whether you are 15 or 50... You can take back control of your life and set a course down the path of your own choosing. Anyone who tells you differently is a liar.

    My name is Trina Sonnenberg, and I am a survivor. After 15 long years and two marriages, I discovered how to set myself free. If I can do it, so can you. I've walked in your shoes AND I am here to tell you that YOU HAVE THE POWER TO CHANGE YOUR LIFE. You will never change your abuser. Know that fact, for it is written in stone.

    I understand why you stay, and I know that you can leave, but YOU have to know it too. The simple fact that you have arrived here means you know change is needed, your first step has been taken; now let's walk together.

    Author: user bisque13

    Global's Blog
    Author: Global

    Insane69er's Blog
    Author: Insane69er
    Reading my blog may help you stay insane like you want

    Law Offices of Frank Ochal Blog
    Author: Law Offices of Frank Ochal
    Law Offices of Frank Ochal

    A law firm specializing in real estate law but with extensive experience in traffic, criminal, estate, corporate, and other areas of the law.

    Frank Ochal:

    has been providing services in the State of Illinois since 1984, and

    has gained its experience by advising individuals and businesses throughout Illinois, and

    has been involved in hundreds of transactions, and

    is a graduate of the DePaul University College of Law and the University of Chicago.

    Contact us for great prices on closings and court appearances!!

    Office addresses are:

    5433 N. Ashland Ave., Chicago, IL 60640 and
    5875 N. Lincoln Ave., Suite LL-46, Chicago, IL 60659.

    email address:
    phone: 773-769-6577
    fax: 773-769-3240
    website: or
    or or

    Miscarriage Help
    Author: Ellen DuBois
    This blog is the sister blog to It is designed for women and their families to share their feelings after miscarriage. When we share the emotional pain of miscarriage with others who have lived the same, we feel far less alone in our journey towards healing and recovery after miscarriage.

    Psychic Reader and Healing Channel C.N. RODGERS
    Author: user healingstargate
    The official site for Master Psychic and Healing Channel C.N. RODGERS.

    here we can provide everything just like.

    Because of this you can know where we are in. What we want and how can we get.
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    Reduce Child Support
    Author: user reducechildsupport5
    Win Child Support Modification, Win Child Custody,
    or Force Visitation Compliance.
    DadsCanWin! Will Help YOU Win Reduce Child Support!

    Security Law or the lack of it
    Author: Basil Bostwick II
    Security training or lack of it in the state of Mississippi a serious problem! I touched on this subject about six months ago which was the lack of regulations regarding security companies in the state of Mississippi and required training for security officers. I feel after things I have seen in the last few months I need to touch base on this subject again with a little bit more detail because I feel that the only way the politicians will act is if the public demands them it.

    First of all of the statements I am about to make I know personally to be fact I'm just not going to name names of either the companies nor the individual security office but I will say that these companies are established security companies that have been in business for years. I have to say since the Clinton gun range has went out of business I have been doing quite a bit more gun range certifications for security officers and I hope in the future I do even more that's why I added a second range.

    In the process of certifying security officers I noticed a disturbing trend that a lot of these officers not only do not know the basic gun stands but do not know how to clean their own gun. I think it's a shame when security companies have officers working for them and some of these officers have been with them for years without ever qualifying with their gun that they carry with them on the job. To make matters worse I would have to say 75% of officers that come through my gun range their gun after the first firing locks up on them to where they have to manually chamber each bullet after firing. Some of these guns have locked up completely and what makes it worst is they were not just semiautomatics but revolvers too. Of course I have yet to have any security officers know what to do if someone goes for their service gun while it is in their holster and recently I had a security officer who is currently working for a security company come to me fora job and when I asked him to see his security gun permit he gave me his blue temporary card that he received in 2008.

    To those of you that do not know any thing about security gun permits, when you go to the Mississippi Highway Patrol they issue you a temporary six-month permit so you can go to work while they check out your background. After six months if you pass the back ground check they will send you your regular security gun permit with your picture on it in the mail to you if you pass. What I think is unbelievable that this officer is working from year 2008 till now for that security company illegally and neither the Mississippi Highway Patrol nor his company has put a stop to him working on a temporary permit that had been expired for 5 years. <BR>
    I thought after a year ago when a security officer working at the Pine Grove Apartments in Jackson Mississippi shot an unarmed young man in the back who had his hands up in the air something would have be done in the legislation about the proper training of security officers but nothing never happened. That was probably because the young man was just an average person if he would have been a politicians relative I guarantee you they would have done something about this problem.

    The other issue I would like to touch on is the ease in which a person can start up a security company, all he has to do is go pay $20 to get his business license he does not have to have a background check nor show any proof of insurance. I personally knew a man a few years ago who started up a security company to which he was doing unarmed security, so he did not have to get a security gun permit which if he did he would not have passed because he was a sex offender and his partner had not just long-ago got out of Whitfield. How would you like this man's company working for you and you know he doesn't do any background checks on his employees probably, in fact I'm willing to bet most of the security companies in Mississippi don't do any background checks on all.

    I remember one time I worked for Security Company that sent a security officer to work an armed post and issued him a hand gun and he was only 20 years old. Justin case any of you out there do not know you have to be 21 in the state of Mississippi to have a security gun permit. I will have to say that this is another category that the state of Mississippi falls behind the rest of the country in any and needs to catch up before more bad things happen.

    I do not know of any state out there that has more relaxed security regulations and enforcement of what few requirements they do have then the state of Mississippi. The only requirement that the state has is if you do armed security you must have a security gun permit to which I've never heard of the Highway Patrol going into any of the security companies and checking to see if their security officers have their gun permits nor seeing if they've had any gun training. That is the last thing I'm going to touch on when you go to the Highway Patrol and asked them what type minimum gun training do you require their answer is whatever your company requires. If you ask me that is a very stupid answer because if you do not have minimum standards for companies to go by they will do what they want which is a little of nothing. Of course there's always the legal system if the security officer does something wrong you can always hire a lawyer to sue the company, but if it happens to be like a company that I know of that works just down the street from one of my posts you would not get any thing because he has no insurance and does not own anything. Well I believe at this time of giving plenty of information to digest but believe it or not I could go on and write many more pages on the subject but at this time I will not.

    I do hope that the information I have given will be enough to stir up the general public into putting pressure on the politicians to come up with some regulations not only to protect security officers by giving much-needed training that they do not have but also make it safer for the general public. Which at this time crime rate growing at such an alarming rate in the city of Jackson and spilling into the outlying cities like it is the last thing we need is poorly trained and poorly equipped security office.

    shellyseitz's Blog
    Author: shellyseitz
    Astrology, Witchcraft, Metaphysics, Magick, Psychic Development, Spiritualism, Angels, Spells, clarity and instructions are found within the content here.

    Stuff4Beauty Hair and Beauty Products, Stuff4Beauty.Com
    Author: user stuff4beauty
    So <a href="">many products</a> little confusing...<br /><br />
    All of us at <a href="">Stuff4Beauty</a> are very excited to now be able to personally assess your needs and help you. How? It's easy! <strong>Help us help you</strong> by accessing our <a href="">Product Recommendation Form</a> from any page on our website under the home menu at the top of the page. There you will find a very simple form asking easy questions. Bast of all it is FREE!

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