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  • fysESQUIRE, Favorites
    Author: fineyoungsocialist, Esq
    WR Blog fysESQUIRE- Posts/ Images Transformative Theme: Discovering Political emPOWERment through Cool (neocon) Net Sites, Pax Americana! at Zoo Lounge, a Best (SocDem) Web Archive, links to the new Zeitgeist- or Spirit of the Era, & the Advance of Democracy- at Home and Abroad. Note: Websites, specific website content pages, and navigation - directory resources linked from WR Blog fysESQUIRE, other than Zoo Lounge/ Pax WR, Best Web Archive, and elsewhere, SDPages/ Arts and Humanities at WR and Allied Forces WR, are not associated with, or endorse this listed WR Blog.

    Buscar Pareja y Buscar Amigos Contactos por email y Chat Gratis. BUSCAR PERSONAS | Investigar Personas | Buscar Amigos. Aclantis - Buscar Personas Gr
    Author: user englandmoll
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    A Storied Life
    Author: Netchess
    Audio Biography

    Access-Ability Solutions Home
    Author: misfitt
    This is where I am going to tell about changes in my website, musings about where it is and where I would like it to go. My site is geared toward adults who are blind and offers many resources of interest.

    Blog de los Portales del Guajiro
    Author: Emilio Raul Ruiz Figuerola
    Les doy la más cordial bienvenida a mis Portales, el motivo principal de esta creación fue inspirada en Memoria de mi hijo CW2 Francisco Javier Ruiz Gómez, quién falleciera en un trágico accidente aéreo el día 18 de Junio de 1996 en Ft.Campbell, Kentucky, USA. Además, motivado por la falta de información sobre el PISCO, he diseñado el Portal Peruano para dar a conocer un poco más sobre este licor tan peruano llamado PISCO y que algunos dizque es de ellos. Y a la vez que tengan un enlace con las mejores páginas del Perú.

    Body Jewelry and Piercings - Both Old and New
    Author: user hentaiger
    By: Richard Keir
    You might think that body jewelry is a new phenomenon, but the reality is that body jewelry has been worn in one form or another for almost 30,000 years. It's certainly true that the techniques used and the materials available have undergone significant changes through the centuries but the idea remains the same. What you'll find is that most people these days are using some form of body jewelry. No doubt earrings, technically a form of body jewelry, are one of the most common items, but ultimately many different types of body jewelry are worn in piercings and in almost any place you can imagine, and maybe a few you'd never dream of.

    Among teenagers, body jewelry for tongues, noses, lips and eyebrows are the most frequently sought after and purchased items. And then there is quite a variety of body jewelry for more intimate parts of the body. The number and type of items available is constantly changing. Given the new composite materials being developed currently which are usable for body jewelry, it seems unlikely that the body jewelry industry will experience any decline in popularity. Still, the two most common materials used in body jewelry are stainless steel and titanium.

    Stainless steels are generally classed into four generic categories, based on their composition. Not all are truly suitable for making body jewelry. The 200 series stainless steel contains chromium, nickel and manganese. The 300 series contains chromium and nickel. The 400 series contains chromium and the 500 series contains low chromium. The most commonly used stainless steels for body jewelry corrosion are those in the 300 series because of their resistance to corrosion.

    Although the stainless steels used contain some nickel, they don't release nickel salts into the body and therefore are highly unlikely to lead to nickel contact dermatitis.

    Most stainless steel body jewelry items are electro-polished. This is a reasonably sophisticated surface finishing technique which leaves the finished surface very smooth and free of any crevices or fissures. The result is a significantly higher surface integrity which is ideal for body jewelry.

    Alternatively, titanium has recently become very popular as a material for body jewelry. In fact, it is challenging stainless steel as the favored metal. The main reason for the increasing favor shown titanium is that titanium body jewelry items are about half the weight of equivalent stainless steel items. In addition, titanium can be anodized and this creates a marvelous variety of colors when contrasted with the single option of stainless steel’s silver appearance. Not only pretty - or attractively masculine (depending on who you are) - the oxide layer on titanium also is highly resistant to corrosion.

    So if you're looking to get a piercing (of whatever sort), you are joining a historically honored trend going back thousands of years and today you'll find a much safer and more attractive mix of items suitable for the most conservative to the most radical devotee of piercing and body jewelry.
    Copyright © 2008 Richard Keir.
    Visit to get more free content.

    Buy Cheap OEM Software Discount Blog
    Author: user cheapsoftwareoem
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    Captain Sage's WebRing Blog
    Author: CapnSage
    Captain Sage is the persona of someone at WebRing, and he's messing around with this blog.

    Cheap and Download OEM Software Discount
    Author: user cheapdiscountsoftware
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    deleted deleted's Blog
    Author: deleted deleted Webring Blog
    Author: digitalfilipino
    Janette Toral's webring blog where she announces new community members.

    Education System
    Author: user jobsedu

    El anillo en Castellano-Anilloweb
    Author: Jose Maria

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    Author: user sheep
    VK is a social networking website that helps you learn more about the people around you, find your old friends,
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    Author: Gone Gone

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