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Noah and Kyle's Trip to Spain - DONATONS WELCOME! - RSS feed - Add to Google

Thu, Jul 17th - 11:02AM

Tour de France (and no posts)

Well, the boys are still alive and kicking, but their blog posting leaves something to be desired :)

On or around the 12th:

So we're in bagneres de bigorre. it rained alot my bag got kind of wet. so i have been drying it out in shops and what not. excuse my typing the keyboards are difficult to use.
tomorrow after the stage we shall go to the tourmalet. for the tour also.
really expensive ten cents a minute.i got a pad for four euros and it is the lightest pad ever!!!!


might go to chamounix!!! 
everything is dry no problems.
Ran with bulls and  ran with bikers.!!!!!!!!


I think we are going to bearitz (not spelled correctly.) its on the west coast neat san sebastian. Good surfing i am told by many. 60 euros for me and noah to get there by train from talouse so pretty cool. than barcelona after. ill save chamounix for a ski trip! we made some good friends i think here in Bagneres de Bigorre. They let us stay in there garden last night and fed us. they said i should come back to ski here  and in chamounix. Lucie the one we met was asking to stay in america with us. So yeah awesomeness. alright we wont hit up italy owell other days. ok well


We are definatley going to biaritz. its in france, we shall try our best to surf there. Then we are going to go barcelona after. we are talouse right now we leave talouse 4 30.

And if you can follow all that you are good.

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Thu, Jul 10th - 4:45PM


Paraphrasing for the lads who seem to have an aversion to posting in the blog:

Today:  In pau france with 6 other tourists traveling together.Kyle says all is well, health etc.

July 9:  I dont konw what to say about the bulls becuase all so amazing. It was excilherating, and awesome. You decide your own intensity level when you run. So you can make it as dangerous as you want.

Nobody tells you about the arena!!!! After you get in. and the bulls go in the pen. They lock everyone in the arena and let one bull out for like 20 minutes and to run around with everyone!!!!! I touched the bulls 4 or 5 times!!!! It was sweet.
(editor's note: Noah proved to use better judgement and did not run in Pamplona [we think :)]. Unlike the kid from Bakersfield that is spending his vacation in the hospital from the run on Day 3.  And in a tit-for-tat: The day may come when Spanish authorities are warning their young citizens against travelling to New Zealand for the annual Wendon Valley cheese rolling championships, which for all its virtues can not boast an entirely injury-free record, writes The Southland Times in an editorial. NZ had announced an advisory against running with the bulls [which falls under the heading of DUH in our humble opinion])

We did some other crazy stuff in there that i can really only explain by words. so you have to wait!!!

alright so like i said.

we will be going to Tarbes for the tour de france and Bestil day wich is like France's 4th of july to the U.S.

Then we aren't sure whether we will catch a bullet train into Italy or go back to Barcelona.

I have some kind of bad news... we were sitting in the park trying to hide from the sun. then out of nowwhere these trash collectors that clean up the park just start going through our stuff looking for trash and what i got up in a hurry to make sure they didnt take anything. but i think when i got up quick the cam fell out of my pocket. i saw something fall. so i was looking for what ever fell but one of the guys we were camping with picket up this bandana that i filled with dirt from the arena and gave it to me becuase the trash people were about to throw it away so i figured thats what i must have dropped. so yeah i am really sorry about. me and noah were so careful with everything else though we didnt have anything else laying around. we kept our stuff tight and in close distance. and then to get shanked by the garbage people was a bummer. i am really sorry. i still have two other cards full of earlier video. so not all is lost but that camera and the card in it. well i guess it could it be worse but yeah its still a bummer.

so on a happier note. They are having firework competitions here every night. So the fireworks are superb. last night was really amazing but not the best i have seen.

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Sun, Jul 6th - 10:09AM

San Fermin

today was the opening ceramonies for San Fermin. It was crazy. everybody was dressed in white with red bandanas and sashes and were spraying wine and champain on eachother. Everywere you go most of the people are covered in wine stains. There are little booths and shops all around the city center. Most of them are selling white clothes and red bandannas so it wasnt to hard to find the right outfit.

tomorrow  is the acual running. We are definately just going to watch it.

Read more here:,23607,5032930-5007153,00.html

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Sat, Jul 5th - 4:42AM

Expo (world fair)

the last three days we went to the expo it zaragoza. Part of it was coun tries havong rooms they set up that you would wak through and check out. The theme was on water coservsvation and awareness. Most of the countries however were just trying to addvertise their country. Most of them had almost nothing to do with water except that they might have a fountain in it. Also a lot of buildings and rooms that were talking about water, would only givea problem and not a solution. The only country that gave prblems about water and solutions was Russia.

Most of the fair was pretty good though. Although e went on a couple lame rides that al they did was quirt water in your face. Last night at the expo we saw this awesome African band. The played all sorts of cool instruments and they were really good.

today we ar hoping to get up to Bilbao in a bus, then down to Pamplonafor the running of the bulls. 

Pics (they are big, click to see full):


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Tue, Jul 1st - 2:33AM


The day before yesterday we went to the Alcazaba in Malaga. It is an old castle on the top of a hill. we were allowed to walk around almost everywhere. it was very convenient that we decided to go on sunday because on sundays after 2:00 its free entry. The Alcazaba was definately cool, but it was not as amazing compared to the Alhambra or the Mosque.

Some pics (they are big, click to see full):


yesterday we traveled from Granada at ten in the morning, on a 6 hour bus ride to madrid. We got a 6:00 in the morning bus to zaragoza so we just stayedin the bus station all night. so now we are in Zaragoza and we are lookin for some camping. We are pretty sure there is some, we just have to find out where.

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