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Tue, Mar 2nd - 7:56AM

The Sharpest Knife in the Drawer

Do you own, manage and/or maintain a website? Are you looking for ways to have a better, more effective web presence? Read on to find out why WebRing could be the sharpest knife in your website toolkit.

As a WebRing Member do you consider the other members of a Ring that you are a member of to be YOUR COMPETITORS??? Or... are they (your fellow WebRing members) a part of a "bigger picture"?

One of the really great things about WebRing is that you are allowed to experiment with various methods of organizing your web presentations to visitors. This is especially valuable when you consider that a website has to be updated regularly and "tweaked" for best results. AND... there's really NO GOOD WAY to "test" without jeopardizing and more than likely adversely affecting your existing website content. I know, because I've messed up numerous times.

So, why not use WebRing to gain valuable insights to better website performance?

Consider these things:

1) A WebRing user account is FREE.
2) You can use WebRing Publisher to make web pages for FREE.
3) You can join a Web Ring where other people have similar interests.
4) You can see How Many Visits your web page has.
5) You can get feedback from visitors and other WebRing members.
6) You can ask your Ring Manager for advice.
7) You can get help on the Public Shoutbox.
8) You can sharpen your HTML skills.

and more!!!

So, why not get started today?

Here's the link to Join WebRing:

Let us know what you think!!!!!!!!!!!! Send comments...

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Sat, Aug 8th - 3:18PM

The Howards are now on Facebook

At the Howard Family Facebook page, you can post your Earliest known Howard and get help from others who just might turn out to be one of your Howard Cuzzins.

That very thing happened to me about 5 years ago. And now I have over 10,000 "confirmed" Howard Cuzzins. There are some interesting characters... some not so interesting... but all are my Cuzzins.

Come take a look and join in the fun at: The Howard Family Genealogy Facebook Group.

Click here:

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