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Mon, Jan 14th - 11:26AM

Flexible Solar Panels Show Promise
Researchers at Stanford University have developed flexible, decal-like solar panels that can be peeled off like stickers and stuck to virtually any surface, from papers to window panes.

Flexible Solar Panels

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Fri, Jan 11th - 4:11PM

Good News For Coral?
While coral reefs are certainly under pressure from more acidic oceans and warming waters, there is some potentially encouraging news here. See the full article below, but here's the gist:

Researchers have uncovered a pattern of gene activity that enables some corals to survive in higher temperatures. The finding suggests a way to predict how different corals will fare in the warmer waters expected to result from climate change over the coming decades. Such information could help to focus future conservation efforts, the researchers say.

Coral Fighting Back

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Sun, Jul 29th - 2:34PM

How Oceans absorb CO2
Fascinating little article here:
Scientists said Sunday they had unraveled the mechanism by which Earth-warming carbon is sucked deep into the Southern Ocean to be safely locked away -- a process that may itself be threatened by climate change.

Wind, eddies and currents work together to create carbon-sucking funnels, said the research team from Britain and Australia in a discovery that adds to the toolkit of scientists attempting climate warming predictions.

About a quarter of the carbon dioxide on Earth is stored away in its oceans -- some 40 percent of that in the Southern Ocean encircling Antarctica.

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Tue, Jul 3rd - 9:45AM

Welcome to Summer
I plan on enjoying summer without stressing too much about whether or not winter will come again (it will). I hope yours is a good one (if you're in the northern hemisphere at least - otherwise I hope your winter is not too severe).
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Mon, Apr 30th - 8:59PM

polar ice melting from below
A recent article start with:
Antarctica holds an absurdly large amount of ice ó 3.5 million cubic milesí worth ó so itís reassuring to know that it isnít all going to melt anytime soon. If it did, sea level would go up about 180 ft., causing unimaginable devastation. But even with any reasonable projection for global warming, the air over Antarctica simply wonít get warm enough to turn much of that ice into water.

Swell. So maybe oceans only rise 18 feet, or 1.8 feet from antarctic ice metl. Then we toss in Greenland and Alaska. Another foot or ten.

How much longer can we ignore climate change?
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