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Tue, Oct 15th - 10:12AM

The Need for Custom Lapel Pins

Small and tiny, we often mistake the importance of label pins in our lives

The ever growing popularity of T.V and radio advertisements has not affected the popularity of lapel pins which are a classic way of advertisement even in the modern era. Lapel pins have managed to retain their own distinct ground in the tech savvy world by continuously evolving as a means of advertisement.† Whether it is a social event or a local club event, you name it and the lapel pins will be found in effective use. The growth of technology has also shaped the evolution of lapel pins. The demand of lapel pins has gone up considerably due to the use of better graphics and techniques.

Benefits of lapel pins Ė What they can do for you?

You might have heard that good things donít come cheap. However, that isnít always the case. Lapel pins are very low priced but a good quality medium to convey your ideas to the general public. The idea can be expressed beautifully with the help of a custom lapel pin. Sizing of the lapel pins plays a very important role in the elegance and style of their display. †The pins are able to create the curiosity factor among the masses and this helps the idea to expand further.† The pins can be made according to the demands of the user. This is because Consumer satisfaction plays an important factor in making custom lapel pins in the first place. Lapel pins are also able to create two classes of people i.e. one who is wearing them and the other who is not wearing them. This classification plays an important part in the segregation and management of employees in big corporate houses, manufacturing companies etc

Modern day usage and the art of using label pins

Religious functions, charity events, sports fests or club parties, lapel pins are present everywhere. Their need is present all the time, you just need to see and understand how useful they can be for you.

What can label pins do for you?

Letís look at the advantages one by one. Label pins, for one, help the organizers to associate people with them. A trend has been started in the market in which the users are given design custom pins of the corporate houses in order to make them loyal to the brand. Lapel pins are able to generate a feeling of uniqueness and bonding with the product, team or event it supports. Lapel pins give a sense of uniqueness to the wearer. Be it as a member of a high class club or a regional sports team member Ė you require label pins everywhere. In order to maximize the customer satisfaction, most of the lapel pin manufacturers now offer the option of design custom lapel pins. This enables the customer to order the pins exactly according to their choice and the need of the occasion.

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Tue, Oct 15th - 10:11AM

Design Custom Lapel Pins for Advertisement

Design custom lapel pins

The popularity of lapel pins is growing day by day as an effective medium for branding products, supporting a team or cause, and for employee recognition; among others. Well, they might be small but what the things they do are huge!

Imagine an advertisement board without a custom pin. You might have everything but it is these custom pins that add in the different aura required for your advertisement.

Think of it this way.

†It is almost impossible to see any event, match or any promotional activity without pins. The technology of pins has also evolved over the years and now we have highly versatile and tech-friendly pins in the market to suit the needs of the customer. This demand for custom pins has led to the growth of design custom lapel pins which suits the needs of the user. Design custom lapel pins are now commonly seen and used in various ways in high social class parties, club events, national events and many other events. So what makes these design custom label pins special?

Unique and Distinct

The main motive of design custom lapel pins is to get the idea conveyed to the general public more specifically and effectively. There arises the need for such design custom lapel pins. The customer is given a free hand to design the pins of their choice as the customer is the best judge of the product. Customer has to convey to the pin maker about the size of the pin, about the color and graphics and also the number required in total. The design custom pins make it possible for the customer to make his pin and the logo inscribed on it to look distinct. This in turn also makes it easier for the viewer to distinguish the logo from other logos. The design custom lapel pins are mostly used by sport teams, big organization who wants to portray uniqueness from other teams/organizations. Another use of these pins is that it gives a sense of solidarity to the group of people wearing them. Technically, they are not ornaments but the pride and feeling of association with the team/organization makes the design custom lapel pins a unique asset in itself.


The design custom lapel pins are very cheap if compared to other modes of advertisement. Orders are usually given for bulk production which costs even less. Overall, even in low price one can get a good quality product. The custom made lapel pins are an effective way to advertise your idea/ team if one is having a low budget fixed for advertisement.

With the rise of consumer based markets, the market for design custom lapel pins is going to rise. This demand is also augmented by the consumer satisfaction that it offers.

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Tue, Oct 15th - 10:10AM

Do you remember custom pins?

Well, Custom pins have the distinction of being an effective way of putting up advertisements over the years for events, organizations and other functions. Though, custom pins do not come in the same category as of gold ornaments but they are worn in such a manner which displays pride in owning and wearing them. Custom pins can be used in a variety of ways and for various purposes. It is a unique way of giving shape to a mental idea on a materialistic plane for any promotional activity or any social event. Custom pins over the years have proved themselves to be a much more efficient way of advertisement as they create personal bonds with the wearer.

Use of Custom Pins

You might wonder what is it that makes these custom pins special? After all, the advertisement and banner is displayed with the pin?

The answer is simple.

Remember, the pins carry the idea with them. This means that the message should be displayed in style. It is necessary that the pins are made up of quality material and display elegance and style in order to get the message delivered to the audience. They are also an inexpensive mode of advertisement. The pins also have an additional advantage as they reach out to a vast audience on a personal basis due to the people wearing them. Another benefit of using custom pins is that they are distinct from anything previously existing in the market. It becomes easier for a person to associate with them as they are a separate entity altogether

Ordering custom pins

The pins must be made according to the requirements of the occasion or event. Today, one can buy quality custom pins at a very low price from the market. The price further falls if there is a wholesale order of large quantity. This is directly beneficial for clubs and organizations with large members. The pins are made exclusively for an organization, club or event; amongst other events, on special orders.

Don’t think making custom pins is easy!

While ordering them, one must keep in mind the contemporary styles prevailing in the market. The pins must be attractive and must catch the attention of the viewer. This serves the purpose of making them in the first place, as they generate curiosity in the minds of people helping them to get associated with the idea.

Let’s put it in another way.

The user must use the latest technology and graphics to make the pins look elegant and stylish. Overall, Custom pins are a cheap and effective medium to convey your ideas, and influence the general public in this age of hyperbolic prices of advertisements through other mediums. With custom pins, you might just be able to put through your message more effectively.

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Tue, Oct 15th - 10:01AM

How To Design Unique Custom Pins

Do you remember the house prefect lapel pin batch which you envied during your school days? Well, itís no doubt really that most of us did who were not prefects in the school days. And for those who managed to become prefects, lapel pins were a sign of honor and respect that they got from others.

†The lapel pin was a sign of something special.

Even today, school kids love prefect batches. And these batches are more often than not made from label pins.

You too will feel pretty nostalgic when you remember those days of your school. Today, lapel pins are cashing upon this feature and are a hugely popular medium for promoting an organization, a team and a social event. The best thing about custom pins is that they give a sense of pride to the wearer and also a strong feeling of attachment. This is clearly visible in sports events when the host country makes special pins for each country. Custom pins are also necessary in keeping up the security measures.† Only the persons wearing the special pins are allowed inside the VVIP areas. Special pins are made on exclusive orders for special events. These pins serve as a remembrance for those who collect them.

Peculiar and Discrete Features.

Custom pins are discrete and unique in their one sense. They instill a feeling of pride and solidarity among the people who own them. The pins are also increasingly used in promotion of the brand by the companies. These promo pins are distributed in ceremonies in which the general public is invited to showcase their product. The pins are also business friendly as they are very cheap and effective mode of advertisement in 21st century. Today, the race is to make attractive pins which can generate curiosity among the viewers. Custom pins are extensively used in organizing big events like Independence Day of a country where security concerns are managed by dividing people into various classes.


Whether itís a sports match, social event or an advertising campaign, custom pins are effective in carrying out the message to the public. Custom pins are also increasingly used at national and religious functions to commemorate special events. Special pins are given to frequent customers to give them special treatment compared to general customers. The uses of custom pins are immense in organizations with vast workforce.† First of all, pins can be used to segregate their one department from the other and secondly pins can be used to give the whole organization/body corporate a separate legal identity.

Custom pins have proved to be an effective medium of advertisement in the tech savvy 21st century. With the option of design custom lapel pins and improved technology, the demand for custom pins is bound to rise in the coming future.

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