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Sun, Mar 13th - 1:47PM

Six Major Types of Mattresses for Starters


Here are the different mattresses types;

A sneek peek to the types of mattresses;

· Airbed Mattresses– Famous for their dual adjustable features, these mattresses are durable and very comfortable. Mostly preferred by hospitals and hotels across the country due to their easy-install features, lightness, and are easy to clean (disinfect). They are very expensive though and the accessories tend to break easily on some brands especially their air valves, pumps and remote control devices.

· Innerspring mattresses – Probably the most famous mattress in the country. The mattress. The innerspring mattress are one of the most expensive, especially the high-end products. But if you are looking for the best deals start with the most expensive brand, they are always the safest choices but not always. Some manufacturers change the brand names of their faltering products but the core stayed the same.

· Latex Foams – Ideal for sleepers with asthma problems and suffering from allergic reaction because these mattress are made form all natural latex extracted from rubber tress. They are also very durable and they have natural dust mites’ repellent mechanism. Although considered natural, some products may actually contain fire retardant materials to conform to the U.S. laws. If you are allergic to them, they will not help solve your problem. And of course they are not listed among the cheap mattresses.

· Futons – These are really cheap mattresses and often sought for their dual-purposes features. They maybe used as bed and a sofa in one. They are durable, organic, and easy to store, you can easily find them in dormitories and places with limited spaces.

· Water beds – Considered as soft mattress. They are quite heavy when filled, but they can be very comfortable if you like the feeling of softness on your back. Temperatures can be adjusted but will definitely add-up to your monthly power consumptions if you need to heat them up every time.

· Memory Foams – Widely known as therapeutic mattresses. They are very comfortable but some products may have hot sleep especially in the summer. These mattresses are usually durable but also expensive. Foul smell from packaging but will not stick forever.


Finding comfortable cheap mattresses is one of my continuing goals. By pulling all resources from mattresses websites (independent mattress reviews, I collect the best ideas on the subject before submitting them to the readers.
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Sun, Mar 13th - 1:24PM

how to find the best mattress that suit you best

Here’s what you need to do;
1). The first thing you need to find out is your personal preferences;
• Do you like you mattress soft or firm? What is the best mattress for you to use?
• Are you sleeping on a bad back? Which mattress type will help you best?
• Are you allergic to non-organic or toxic materials? Are you suffering from Asthma? Which help well?
• Can you afford them? What mattress type fits well around your budget?
• Is your partner complaining on your preference (firm and soft mattress)?

2). Here is a list on what you need to find out about the mattress types;
• Their strengths
• Their weaknesses
• Price
• What critics and consumers are saying
• Find the top rated products
• Look for BBB ratings

Important reminder:
Never waste your time on a mattress that that promises a lot of things and waste your time reading the things they have to say about the product without sticking to the plan. Let this be a part of the last things you need to do, unless they are recommended by relatives or people you know, don’t waste your breath. More often than not, these mattresses will turn out to be poorly rated by consumers and mattress experts. Always stick to the plan, if some brand catches your eye, write it down and search for them later when you get to the mattress type category where they fall.
Finding comfortable cheap mattresses is one of my continuing goals. By pulling all resources from mattresses websites (independent mattress reviews, I collect the best ideas on the subject before submitting them to the readers.
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