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24th kaalsarpyog shanti yagya will be held on 28th NOV 2010 - RSS feed - Add to Google

Thu, Jan 20th - 4:47PM

26th kaalsarpyog shanti yagya will be held on occasion of Maha Shivratri at 2nd March  2011.

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Thu, Jan 20th - 4:46PM

26th  Baglamukhi  yagya will be held on occasion of Baglamukhi Jyanti at 11th May 2011



Contact Ashram No-
+91 9889188666,+917275016000, +919044023554

Contact person- Shri Shri 108 Avdhootanand saraswati ji maharaaj

   (Maa baglamukhi

& S hree Dakshina kali sadhak )

Don’t mail me ur any query if u want to get any astro related any query, ur problem resolution  or detail above yagya process please call me directly on my ashram cell number.)

Call Timing:-3pm to 6pm(regstratrion for Baglamukhi yagya anushtaan)
MAHAYAGYA, This yagya is performed to appease goddess BaglaMukhi who is an avatar of goddess Durga. This provides solutions to problem such a court cases, enemies or even black magic. This yagya is performed by maa baglamukhi sadhak under of guru maharaaj in night wearing yellow clothes, yellow foods, yellow flower, and yellow necklace.
The worship of Baglamukhi who is also famous as 'Pitmbra Vidya' for protection against the enemies & Power of Mars planet ,remove the  Mangal dosha or" Angarak yoga"in horoscope and to defeat them, to get victory in the legal matters, to acquire wealth, to clear away the debts and to attain power of oratory etc. Mata BaglaMukhi has the power of turning things into its opposite. She can turn silence into speech, ignorance into knowledge, defeat into a victory, ugliness into beauty, poverty into wealth, Selfishness to friendliness. She also unfolds the reality behind the appearance and save us from being deceived by something and by someone. It is said that Offering of Worship and Havana to Maa Bagalamukhi acts like a weapon to stop your enemy from doing harm against you.
For Solution of Above Problems Do BAGALAMUKHI YAGYA
will be held on at 11th  May 2011.
INDIA ,because You have a great chance to be the part of this Maa Baglamukhi Maha Yagya.Don’t miss this opportunity; this sort of opportunity will never come again.
(Registration starts on 18th Jan 2011  to between 6th May 2011)
Shri shri 1008 Mahakaal Trikalanand Saraswati ji Guru Maharaaj DUSMahavidhya & Maa Kamakhya Sadhak,
For more detail login website

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