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Tue, Feb 22nd - 7:59AM

Fasting Has Nothing To Do With Food

by Michael Shoesmith

Fasting is not generally associated with anything pleasant or satisfying. Some cultures claim that fasting from food to the point of near death brings about a type of euphoria otherwise unachievable. I do believe this to be true. In fact some medical scientists believe that death by starvation may be the single most pleasant way to go if given the choice. But, for the most part people are just not into the whole fasting thing simply because of the image it conjures up. Going without food for extended periods of time is just plain distasteful.

In an attempt to dispel the myths about fasting a person really must get a little deeper into it as the practice relates to the religion or culture that is practicing it. Some religious and cultural paradigms insist that fasting is strictly related to food and/or water. It is expected to translate into a greater spiritual awareness. The Bible, however, does not strictly limit fasting to that which is ingested through the mouth. In fact there is a chapter in Isaiah dedicated to explaining God's intentions behind fasting and there is little mention of food anywhere in the entire passage. So that's very interesting, right? If it's not about food then what is it about? Why did Jesus say that we should continue to fast and why is there such a priority givn to it in the new covenant? The answer is very simple.

In the book Fast Track to Freedom the author goes through the Bible explaining the benefits of fasting as it relates to today's environment. You will be pleasantly surprised at the actual intent behind the practice. Are you a smoker? You won't be for long after reading this book. Any addiction at all can be broken with the power of fasting. Get the truth about it today by visiting

Fasting is not a religious practice designed to cleanse you of your unrighteousness. It's a tool designed by God to rid you of parasitic addictions that sap you of your life; the abundant life. Chains of addiction can keep a person from realizing their destiny and actually shorten their life. God has provided a way for you and I to beat back the controlling power of addiction by regaining control over our bodies instead serving them.

Visit and get the book Fast Track to Freedom now.

My name is Michael D. Shoesmith. God bless you.

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