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Thu, Mar 31st - 4:16AM

The Fish and the Loaves Cry Out presents the Christians' perspective on the creation of humanity and the evidence in favor of human exceptionalism.

In The Christian Perspective on Science, Michael Shoesmith writes that what passes for science today is not science at all but seems to be made up of mostly speculation and hypothetical theories designed to back one religious position over another.

Michael Shoesmith has been debating atheists for many years and concludes that atheism is a religion. In Doctrines of Atheism, he uses atheists' comments to reveal the tenets of their religion.

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Tue, Feb 22nd - 7:59AM

Fasting Has Nothing To Do With Food

by Michael Shoesmith

Fasting is not generally associated with anything pleasant or satisfying. Some cultures claim that fasting from food to the point of near death brings about a type of euphoria otherwise unachievable. I do believe this to be true. In fact some medical scientists believe that death by starvation may be the single most pleasant way to go if given the choice. But, for the most part people are just not into the whole fasting thing simply because of the image it conjures up. Going without food for extended periods of time is just plain distasteful.

In an attempt to dispel the myths about fasting a person really must get a little deeper into it as the practice relates to the religion or culture that is practicing it. Some religious and cultural paradigms insist that fasting is strictly related to food and/or water. It is expected to translate into a greater spiritual awareness. The Bible, however, does not strictly limit fasting to that which is ingested through the mouth. In fact there is a chapter in Isaiah dedicated to explaining God's intentions behind fasting and there is little mention of food anywhere in the entire passage. So that's very interesting, right? If it's not about food then what is it about? Why did Jesus say that we should continue to fast and why is there such a priority givn to it in the new covenant? The answer is very simple.

In the book Fast Track to Freedom the author goes through the Bible explaining the benefits of fasting as it relates to today's environment. You will be pleasantly surprised at the actual intent behind the practice. Are you a smoker? You won't be for long after reading this book. Any addiction at all can be broken with the power of fasting. Get the truth about it today by visiting

Fasting is not a religious practice designed to cleanse you of your unrighteousness. It's a tool designed by God to rid you of parasitic addictions that sap you of your life; the abundant life. Chains of addiction can keep a person from realizing their destiny and actually shorten their life. God has provided a way for you and I to beat back the controlling power of addiction by regaining control over our bodies instead serving them.

Visit and get the book Fast Track to Freedom now.

My name is Michael D. Shoesmith. God bless you.

Article Source: WRITERS

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Thu, Jan 27th - 4:28AM

The Value of You

by Michael Shoesmith

One of the main characters named in the hit TV show "Lost" is Desmond Hume. Desmond happened to be in love with a lady who's father was extrordinarily wealthy. So, Mr. Hume decided that the proper thing to do is to ask the girl's father for permission to marry her. The father, upon hearing Desmond's proposal, stood up, walked over to his liquor cabinet, took out a bottle of wiskey along with two glasses, and walked back to his desk. He put the glasses down and poured a mouthful into one glass only. He picked it up, turned to Desmond, and said the following:

"Mr. Hume, this swallow of scotch is worth more than you could ever hope to earn in a month. If I won't share it with you, what makes you think I would let you have my daughter? You are worthless".

What a horrible thing to say. When I heard this I recalled a lesson I learned many years ago. My dad had passed a family heirloom down to me that he got from his dad. It was an old trinket that was in quite well kept condition. I decided I wanted to know what such a thing might be worth so I took it to the most reputable antique dealer I could find. I was about to get quite an education.

After examining the object closely, the antique dealer told me it was worth about twenty bucks. "What?", I said. "This thing is almost a hundred years old and you're telling me it's worthless"? He proceeded to explain how things are evaluated; how a value is placed on any given entity. Basically, whatever amount anyone is willing to pay for an item, that is what the item is worth. It is referred to as the fetching price or the amount the item would fetch at auction. That is what the item is worth. It turns out that my particular item was mass produced a hundred years ago and is too common to be valuable.

So, how about you? How much value do you place on yourself? The wealthy man was wrong about Desmond and most of you reading this are probably wrong in your estimation of yourself. You have enormous value! Somebody paid an enormous price for you! Yes, you! The amount paid was more than anyone ever paid for any painting or artifact. You are valuable because the price paid was the life of a man. Not just any man. NO! It was a perfect man. The only perfect man that ever lived. And he placed such a value on you that his life was paid to secure the value.

It's too bad Desmond didn't have this knowledge. He could have reminded the rich man that his value was established two thousand years ago on a cross. His value is no less than anyone else's on earth. He, like you, was worth dying for. Even though he is a fictional character, he represents millions who have had their true value suppressed by a spirit of elitism and improper self-evaluation.

You are valuable because of the price that someone was willing to pay for the right to call you his own. It is time for you to give to him what rightfully belongs to him. You will never know your true value otherwise. You have been robbing God by witholding yourself from him. You are his. You are valuable. Now start acting like it.

My name is Michael D. Shoesmith. God bless you.

Article Source: WRITERS

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Tue, Oct 12th - 5:17AM

The Hypocrisy of the Homosexual Movement

by Michael Shoesmith

Naturalism comes in many forms. There are groups of Christians around the world, for example, who practice the form of naturalism known as nudism. It's the ritual act of conducting the affairs of the day completely in the nude; usually in secluded, designated areas. Personally, I agree with Mark Twain who said "Always wear clothing. Naked people have little or no effect on society".

I want to focus in this article on the "philosophy" of naturalism. It's the mindset which predetermines that nothing exists other than the natural. That which we experience with the five senses and exists naturally is the philosophy of naturalism and is, in fact, modern atheism. Most homosexual men (men will be the focus of this article) are either agnostic or atheist. Large numbers of homosexual men in N. America live their lives as atheists (without God). This is where the hypocrisy becomes evident because the vast majority of modern atheists believe in the ridiculous theory of macro evolution; a myth which is totally refuted by gametic isolation. The theory maintains that natural selection of the fittest prevails and proceeds to propel the species forward. If that's the case then why do male homosexual men wear condoms? According to the Center for Disease control, 68% of new aids cases last year were the result of MSM (men who have sex with men). That number would be dramatically worse for the MSM community if not for the use of condoms. That number is also up from 2005 by a full percentage point. Does anyone else see the blatant hypocrisy? If evolution is a bonafide process of naturalism then aren't gay men who use condoms doing harm to the process? Isn't nature trying to eradicate the biological abnormalities that violate natural order by doing things contrary to nature? It seems so; or at least Darwin would think so. A virus is trying to get rid of MSM. This would be a near reality if it wasn't for the invention of condoms and their proper use. So what's it going to be people? Atheism or homosexuality? Pick one already!

As a Christian I believe and in fact know that God created humanity as a special creation; separate from the animal kingdom. Chromosome 2 was fused by creation and gives us evidence of our unique place in the earth. Homosexuality is a violation of created order. It harkens back to the old adage "just because you have a hammer doesn't mean you should treat everything like a nail". Male and female reproductive systems are designed to work in harmony; both for pleasure and reproduction. God created it thus and thus it will always be like it or not. I challenge all of the MSM out there to get serious about the past issues that drive your decisions about your sexuality before nature finally vomits you out as it will every one of us sooner or later. It is appointed unto every man once to die and then the judgment.

My name is Michael D. Shoesmith. God bless you.

Article Source: WRITERS

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Thu, May 13th - 1:53PM

About Michael D. Shoesmith

Michael D. Shoesmith has written and published five books.

If you've ever wanted to know the unvarnished, unmanipulated truth about tithing then you owe it to yourself and your loved ones to get his book Fallen From Grace.

Also, if you want the truth about fasting, what it was intended for and how it can benefit you personally then Fast Track to Freedom is the book for you.

Now, if you've wondered about such questions as what was Paul's thorn in his flesh and how did fasting help Rush Limbaugh then The Bible Mode is just what you need. In The Bible Mode he answers 44 commonly asked questions in blog format including the comment section debates which followed.

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