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Fri, Feb 29th - 2:24PM

To be a Leader - You must become One !

Are you mentoring, coaching and training your downline?

Don't have a downline yet? Or you do but you're losing them as fast as you gain them?

Mentoring, coaching and training isn't about training them about the ins and outs of your company or where to buy leads or how many to buy.

Mentoring, coaching and training someone else is all about you. You are the key. You are the leader. For people to follow you, you must be worthy of being followed. You may be a fountain of information on when your company started, how and where, who the corporate executives are and the fact you socialize with them or you may know everything about your products but does that information really provide the coaching, mentoring and training that your downline needs?

In a word - No ! Dr. Robert Anthony in his book "Betting on yourself" asks the question - what happens when you squeeze an orange? The answer is obvious - orange juice. What happens when someone squeezes you? If you are a leader (and every leader gets squeezed) what will pour out of you is compassion, understanding, fairness, wisdom and the ability to make the right decisions for all concerned.

How do you become a leader? Only by personal development. How do you become the mentor, coach and trainer that others will follow until death do you part? Only by self improvement. My friend, mentor and coach, Mr. Art Jonak told me the following story: Early in his career as a network marketing professional a friend of his always seemed to be one step ahead of him. One day he sat down and asked him "What are you doing?" The friend answered: "I'm reading a good book once a month". So Art did that. The friend's business was still growing faster than Arts and again he asked the question "What are you doing?" The friend replied "I'm reading 2 good books a month". So Art did that. But still Art was lagging behind. Fairly competitive and searching for the key to success he went back again. Same question. The answer came back "I'm reading a good book once a week". Personal development was obviously the one factor that kept pace with the successful growth of their respective businesses. Today, Mr. Art Jonak reads 2 "good" books a week. He carries the honour of being the "Best Network Marketer in the World" awarded to him in 2004. He is extremely successful and his personal development is ongoing.

Coaching, mentoring and training starts with you ! Become the leader others will follow. Do what successful people do, they work on themselves and then they can be the leader others would be willing to follow.

Joyce Penner

Professional Network Marketer

Mentoring, Coaching and Training

204-746-6984  Email:

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