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Mon, Sep 24th - 1:54PM


No. Not that kind of role-playing, naughty person. I mean online role-playing, in a community.

The thing is, I've created a site, the most wonderful Role-playing community I've ever been a part of, but we're severely lacking members.

A little bit about the site: It's a Hogwarts RPG, set in modern times (2007) in London and Hogwarts. The trio (Harry, Ron, and Hermione) have all disappeared, so has the Dark Lord, presumably after some great battle. Actually... let me show you our ad:

Modern day London.

The trio (Ron, Harry, and Hermione) have long since graduated, though what has become of them is not widely known nor does anyone know what has become of Lord Voldemort, which is altogether a good thing. But today the mention of such names will only get you an odd stare as many wizards and witches have come to think of the Boy-Who-Lived and He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named as mere legends and folk tales, especially since there is no one from that era still around. At least not in Hogwarts. The Hogwarts of the past is long gone and a new era of young witches and witches are ready to make their name. The geography and houses are still same, but new professors, staff, and rules make this a Hogwarts like you’ve never seen.

But London is bigger than just Hogwarts and there wouldn’t be a divide without the other side...

Muggles. Adult/child wizards. And squibs. There’s a thin line between the wizarding world and the muggle world, and no where is the line thinner than in London. Even outside of Hogwarts in Northern London lies Teddington where the rich and famous muggles reside, often unknowingly befriending magical neighbors. Nearby is Hammersmith where wizards and muggles co-exist peacefully, while the muggles in Westminster are barely even aware of magic. For the most part, the muggle world is blissfully unaware of the comings and goings of witches and wizards alike, but there are those who know and choose to keep their secrets, often mingling and immersing themselves in the magical world. But there are also muggles who are very aware of magic and, either out of jealousy or fear, want nothing more than to expose it and keep it under control. By any means necessary.

Welcome to Hogwarts: The Great Divide where magic, muggles, and these modern times combine (and clash) to create a world like you’ve never seen before!

Come and join in the magic at H:TGD! We'd love to have you.

Are you sold? If not, consider this, we're an elite community of mostly older role-players, with phenomenal posts and even more phenomenal profiles. We certainly have high standards. But we're friendly and open to everyone. The Admin are actually active, we have board wide plots, OOC contests and games, and really, we're more of a family than anything.

Won't you join us?

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