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Sat, Feb 9th - 5:19PM

Iron-on Webmaster Conpetition and other news
Iron-on Webmaster
As a promotional thing WebRing have decided to run a Iron Webmaster Competition. Intended in to be like the Iron Chef TV show, contestants are given a series of specifications and asked to whip up a website in a number of days.

After looking at their site I though it would be better to humorous entries. You can go see my Round 1 entry here. With a take on the 'Iron' theme.

Round 2 is now open for voting. You can see my entry here and vote here. For those that don't work it out, the site is intended to be humorous and brolem :)

My webring
I got ownership of the Ring Of Australian RoleplayING webring back in October 2007 after a month of emailing about. I had been a 'bad ringmaster' and left sites unprocessed, so they took the ring from me. And I need to be a better manager.

I could respond to this, but it probably isn't worth the effort, and may make my situation worse.

WebRing email authentication broken
In January WebRing implenented a system that made existing email addresses all 'unverified' This was a big pain because I meant the I got no ringmaster email for my ring.

The response I got when I asked about it was:
The unverified status is due to a new email address checker that was in place for a few days. This would check to make sure that the email address existed, but in such a way that it would cause most email servers to blacklist us. Please check with your email provider and make sure that they are allowing email from
Thank you,
WebRing Support.

Yay, go webring. And they didn't think to fix all the people that had their verification broken because of the new system.

New main blog URL
And in other news I have moved my main blog to its own domain.

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Sat, Sep 29th - 6:04PM

More test rings
Yesterday I created a couple more test rings:
Australian RoleplayING, Ring Of
AAustralian RPG Ring

And today when I tried to create some test rings I got the following message:

You have more than one very small Ring (fewer than 4 active/passing member sites). You need to take the time to get these Rings configured and operating well before creating more. Inviting new members, setting management options, creating a custom navbar if desired, and numerous other activities take time in order to ensure your Ring thrives.

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Thu, Sep 27th - 9:38PM

Playing with webring
I've been playing with webring and created a couple of new ROARING webrings.

Ring Of Australian RoleplayING -reloaded

And when I realised that webring choose you ring it from the ring name, not giving you the option of choosing your self (like it used to), I created the follong one and changed the name.

Ring Of Australian Roleplaying - RELOADED

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Thu, Sep 27th - 5:31PM

Ring membership
This post is to include the ring code needed for ring membership.

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Thu, Sep 27th - 4:29PM

Managers forum found
There is a link on the botton of the main page to the members forum. Not the if seems too be findable in google.

And the webring Managers forum seems to be full of people complaining about Webring taking their webring away with no warning.

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