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Wed, Dec 31st - 7:12AM

Red-Tailed Black Shark
Red-Tailed Black Shark

The Red-Tailed Black Shark (Labeo bicolor) comes from Thailand and the Malay Peninsula where it can grow up to 8 inches (20cm). Aquarium species rarely grow beyond 4 1/2 inches (11.5 cm) in length.

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Sat, Dec 27th - 1:28PM

There are three species of Angelfish (Pterophyllum genus). They originate from the Amazon Basin, Orinoco Basin and various rivers in the Guiana Shield in tropical South America.

They are laterally compressed, with round bodies and elongated triangular dorsal and anal fins. This body shape allows them to hide among roots and plants, often on a vertical surface. Naturally occurring angelfish are frequently striped longitudinally, colouration which provides additional camouflage. Angelfish are ambush predators and prey on small fish and macroinvertebrates. They form monogamous pairs with eggs generally laid on a submerged log or a flattened leaf.

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Tue, Dec 23rd - 5:47AM

Amazon Sword Plant
Amazon Sword Plant
The Amazon Sword Plant (Echinodorus paniculatas) comes from South America. Some forms have broad leaves while others are narrow and can be green or red. It propogates by forming runners on which the new plants grow. The new plants develop roots while still on the runner and they can be removed at this stage.

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Sat, Dec 20th - 9:30AM

African Dwarf Frog
African Dwarf Frog
African dwarf frogs live their entire lives underwater, but need to rise to the surface to breathe air. They vary in color, for the most part ranging from olive green to brown with black spots.

These frogs are suggested to be kept in a group of two or more due to their social nature. Common foods include blood worms, brine shrimp, water fleas, shrimp, and various brands of commercial frog food. Their average life expectancy is five years, but they can live as long as 20 years; they can grow to 6.35 centimeters (2.5 inches) long.

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Wed, Dec 17th - 3:35PM

Malawi Cichlids
Malawi Cichlids
Lake Malawi is located between Malawi, Mozambique and Tanzania. The third largest and second deepest lake in Africa, it is also the ninth largest in the world. It is the habitat of more species of fish than any other body of freshwater, including more than 1000 species of cichlids.

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