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Thu, Aug 1st - 1:21AM

Advice For Businesses Relocating A Data Center

Data centers have become a critical part of many businesses in Milwaukee. The centers provide
employees with access to applications and databases. Some also give vendors or customers access to special services. Businesses in Milwaukee that are moving will need to relocate the data center as well. Several tips will help to make this move as easy as possible.

The first step when relocating a data center in Milwaukee is to take a complete inventory of all equipment that will be moved. This includes the racks, the servers, necessary cables and even any software stored in the original packaging. This makes certain that every item in the server room is accounted for before and after the move. It can also show redundant or unnecessary devices that could be left out of the new center.

All of the data on all of the servers needs to be backed up and then copied a second time. One of the two backups should be stored in a safe location away from the current and new data centers. The safe backup could be placed in a Milwaukee storage locker. It will also help to create a series of disk images of the servers so that the state can be restored if there are any problems with the backups or the systems in the new data center.

The power to the data center or server room should be deactivated. Each individual component needs to be removed and then labeled. It is often helpful to label which cables and peripherals attach to which specific servers or drives. This allows the business to reconstruct the exact data center hardware configuration in the new location. It is important to use any safety features on storage devices, servers or other peripherals. These units sometimes include locking mechanisms that hold moveable internal parts in place.

The technologies necessary to run a data center are very fragile. Even a short move across Milwaukee could cause damage to an expensive rack server. It is always best to use a professional Milwaukee shipping company to perform the final packing and delivery of the technology. These companies have the knowledge necessary to package servers and peripherals properly in a solid crate that will prevent nearly all damage. A professional shipping company will also have the experience needed to deliver the components of the data center safely to the new location.

Every business that is relocating a data center needs to have a disaster recovery plan in place. Any number of factors from an unnoticed electrical surge to the carelessness of an employee disconnecting a component could cause serious damage to critical systems that goes unnoticed until after the move. Disaster recovery plans should include a special team to handle data or hardware issues. It should also include insurance and warranties from equipment manufacturers. A good disaster recovery plan will minimize losses if problems occur.

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