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Mon, Jul 8th - 5:05AM

"One is Not Enough"
"One is Not Enough"  ( )

From the link above, going to the Creative Writing site, one will learn about the up and coming book by Clarence L Hamilton Jr by the same title.  Written some 40 years ago, right before the marriage of Hamilton to his beautiful wife, this short poem strikes to the heart of the matter with simple words of great meaning and inspiration.

Having the motivation to write from a very early age, Hamilton is now approaching the point where the beginning of the book will begin.  Having put everything aside, and now being able to dig deep into the subject of his interest, the new novel will be seen as an inspirational road map for the hurting and perplexed of the world.

Hamilton, author and long time philosopher and studier of life, will be sharing never before known aspects of life on this planet as we know it, and dig deeper than ever before into those mysteries.  There has never been a better time for a work such as this, and according to Hamilton, "One is Not Enough" will be a complete labor of love, and something that I have wanted to accomplish in my lifetiome since the age of 11."

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