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Mon, Jul 29th - 5:13AM

What Is the One Thing?

The Bright Spot of Our Lives

The One Thing.  We all have it.  The one thing in life that drives us, that makes us who we are.  It could be called the "why we are."  That one thing could be almost anything or anyone.  It could be a mentor, a teacher, a parent, a book or any of a million and one things, but no matter what that one thing is, it is indeed the essence of us.

In the movie, "The Legend of Curly's Gold," Jack Palance starred as the old and crusty cowboy who told Billy Crystal this:  "Your life is about just one thing.  Find this one thing, and everything else is easy."  Billy of course said, "so what is the one thing?"  Palance answered, "that is the tricky part.  YOU have to find that one thing!"


Finding the One Thing

The One Thing for me personally, was finding my perfect mate in life to share the ride with.  Over 40 years ago, sitting across the crowded college campus cafeteria, I found the one thing which turned out to be my one thing, my bright spot. my unwavering symbol of what my life was meant to be and stand for.  Debbie was that one thing, and much more!

To say the least, Debbie and I have been down the hard and rocky road of life.  We have lost, suffered, been rich, been broke and everything in between.  We have been through things and events where most have crumbled and given up, and yet, here we are today, stronger and better than ever, and looking forward to many more happy times together.  Finding Debbie for me, was/is the brightest part of my often times dismal and drab existence.  I need only look at her, and I know for certain that all is well in the Universe.  I know for certain that there is one person out there in the world that I can look to, trust and be with knowing full well that everything will indeed, work out just the way that it has been planned for my life.

Having said all this, I wish Debbie many more years of happiness, wellness, smiles and joys as we walk through this crazy life together!



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