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Thu, Jul 25th - 8:33AM

Looking Out for What's In?

Looking Out for What's In

We all do it. We look for answers to everything outside of our own selves. We ask the preacher for spiritual help and insights. We ask the doctor for help in healing our bodies. We ask politicians for help in solving all of our social ills. Yes, we all do this in often a begging form, expecting that another human being has insights that we do not have. We all make a mistake in thinking that another has the answer, and we are simply not good enough, wise enough, strong enough or intelligent enough to find the answers out for our own sake.

That is the biggest mistake that we make. The reason for this is what one man/woman can do, another can do! We already have the answers we so desperately seek for life, love, healing and all other answers to our lives. The problem is that we as human beings, have not yet discovered this wealth of information within us that is available any time we need it, just for the asking and realization that we can have what we seek.

There have been very few who have ever been able to tap into this great wealth of knowledge, but it does not matter, as it is there. So, how do we begin to tap into this wealth of knowledge and inspiration?

We Ask the Wrong Question!

In our seeking the so called help from another, wiser, stronger or what we believe to be authority on any given subject of the human mind, we make the big mistake of asking them for help. Any time that we ask, beg, seek or downplay our insights and potentials, we fail. We already have within ourselves, and this goes for any and all humans that are alive today, whether young or old, we all have the answers that we seek within. We must realize this and begin to ask the right questions to the right person. That person is us!

It highly possible, and most likely true that the very one we seek an answer from is simply another struggling and hurting individual. That person has discovered that through their own ego, they believe that, for one reason or another, that they have all the answers on any given subject. In other words, they are the authority and the all knowing. People of so called faith are some of the worst of all. They, like ourselves, are NOT chosen. They are simply going about making others think that they know all the answers about God and spirit. While in reality, they are quaking in their boots and being quite afraid that someone, somewhere will reveal the real answer about who they are.

We see all the time those that rise in public places to tout their religion and faith, while all the time they are really the devil in disguise. They are the first to tell their wonderful and passionate stories about how they have been saved by God, and have been given the power to heal and teach others how to live life. All this time, they know deep within they are charlatans, seeking to live out some type of narcissistic fantasy while desperately trying to show others how strong and wise they really are.

We Need No One!

In reality, we are strong, wise, competent and quite able to care for ourselves; however we do not BELIEVE this and are constantly looking outside for the answers that we already know. This would be much like being in a beautiful forest, looking for a tree!

The Problem with This Thinking

The problem with the thinking that we already know the answers we seek is that we are all going to have authority figures, or what we presume to be authority figures, telling us an entirely different story. The doctors and health care industry are going to tell us how sick we are. The preachers are going to tell us how faithless we are. The politicians are going to tell us that they can show us the way out of our financial and social disorder. Yes, all authority figures in the world will come against us all. The only way that we can come to grips with this dilemma is this.

We Must Be Still...and KNOW!

This is all that we need to do. We do not have to go out to the masses and preach from the mountains that we know all about life and living. We must stand quiet, strong and know! And what a difficult thing this will be. We, as human beings in the world, must always converse, chatter, brag and bellow about how good and smart that we really are. This comes most often from those that know the least about anything at all. The old saying that "the squeaky wheel always gets the grease," is not always true. Most of the time, the squeaky wheel gets replaced! Think about these words and go be quiet today, and just know. See how well your day will go!

Original Article

Clarence L Hamilton Jr Author, Philosopher and Thinker
"Writing for Sanity - In a Mad World"

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