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Sun, Jul 21st - 2:44PM

Announcing The Creative Writing Corner!
The Creative Writing Corner - New Ring @ WebRing

The Creative Writing Corner, the new WebRing created by Clarence L Hamilton Jr, is in the process of hosting any and all authors, creative writers, and others who delve into the art of writing creatively for readers on the world wide web.



The Creative Writing Corner - WebRing


PRLog (Press Release) - Jul. 21, 2013 - AMARILLO, Texas -- For a brief background of WebRing, the author will go first to Wikipedia:  "A webring (or web ring) is a collection of websites linked together in a circular structure, and usually organized around a specific theme, often educational or social.  They were popular in the 1990s and early 2000s, particularly among amateur websites.



To be a part of the webring, each site has a common navigation bar; it contains links to the previous and next site. By selecting next (or previous) repeatedly, the user will eventually reach the site they started at; this is the origin of the term webring. However, the select-through route around the ring is usually supplemented by a central site with links to all member sites; this prevents the ring from breaking completely if a member site goes offline. A web ring is managed from one website which is able to omit the websites that have dropped out or are no longer reachable. The advantage of a web ring is that if the user is interested in the topic on one website, they can quickly connect to another website on the same topic.  Webrings usually have a moderator who decides which pages to include in the web ring. After approval, webmasters add their pages to the ring by 'linking in' to the ring; this requires adding the necessary HTML or JavaScript to their site.



Sites usually join a webring in order to receive traffic from related sites. When used to improve search engine rankings, webrings can be considered a search engine optimization technique."



This simple explanation is not adequate to pierce to the heart of WebRing.  The social interaction with like minded individuals is actually the core of the success fo any of the WebRing services offered.  The article today concerns one of the newest WebRings Titled:  


The Creative Writing Corner:


This new WebRing created by Clarence L Hamilton Jr, "Ham," will host any author seeking more notoriety and presence for their finest collections of articles, poetry and literally all literature formats will be most welcome to take part.



Hamilton says of the new Webring, "I have been with the WebRing system for a short time;  however, the interaction with the other authors there, is well worth the time and effort to build a presence using their simple and effective suite of site building tools."



Even tough the Wikipedia article above is outdated, WebRing is a very powerful presence on Google, and it should be duly noted that people taking an active participation there are rewarded in numerous ways.



The primary reason that Hamilton became involved with WebRing is discussed here.  "I am quite proficient at site building, HTML and PHP coding.  I was surfing one day and came across a WebRing site with the NavBar attached to it.  Like in this site:  Creative Writing:  I started looking at the different features, and decided that the WebRing was perfect to host some of my creative writing articles.  This is my primary objective these days, is to just write creatively, and attract other readers to my articles."



The simplicity of WebRing, the great tools and social interaction make it a natural for authors and readers of the world wide web to come and gather together and share their wonderful works of literary art.



Ham personally invites any and all to view the links above, and take an active pat in the newest WebRing:  "The Creative Writing Corner."

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