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Sun, Jul 14th - 8:33AM



Today, I wrote a new post concerning simplicity, and the importance of that element within our lives. It is quite obvious that simplicity has gone past many of us, and that is quite the shame for as the way that I see it, simplicity is the only thing that makes sense, and should be the only goal to pursue. If we do a great job of simplifying our lives, then all else falls into place naturally and easily.

It would seem that most people that I have mentored and taught over the years find it very difficult to think and act simply. They have a tendency to over state, over think, over do and certainly over strive for the very things that they are seeking to obtain. If they were to simply slow down, and listen to THEMSELVES for a change, they would find that they do NOT need a mentor, a book, a recording, a Zen master, or any of the other things that they try to use to achieve inner and lasting peace. It is available to any and all, right here and now!

That has to be the best news that I could convey on this day!

Clarence L Hamilton Jr - Author, Philosopher, Thinker
"Writing for Sanity - In a Mad World"
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