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Sat, Sep 6th - 1:15PM

TuneCore's New Facebook Audio Recognition Feature - Perfect For Promoting Music, TV, And Movies!

Artists no longer need to wait on other media platforms to announce your music when playing!

TuneCore's New Facebook Audio Recognition feature detects music from headsets of a iOS and Android so that either you, your fans, or a marketing team can share the music at any given time.

No matter if it's a song that you created, a song you discovered, a TV show you're watching, or perhaps a new movie. If you switch on the New Facebook Audio Recognition feature while your ios or Android headset is on, you can share it immediately through your status box! Facebook has giving musicians and others another means to do-it-yourself!

For our marketers at Devine Jamz Gospel Network, this is absolutely cool for us when we are listening to our featured artist's music on the go. It will help us share their music easily to a targeted audience we obtain from marketing campaigns! Check out the promo video and get started now through our partner over at TuneCore! It's news that's hot off the Press!

Blog Post By

Brenda Solomon

Operations Manager

Devine Jamz Gospel Network

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Sat, Sep 6th - 1:14PM

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Sun, Aug 31st - 8:11AM

Stephanie Greaves - Singer / Songwriter / Pastor

Stephanie Greaves - Singer / Songwriter / Pastor

Stephanie Greaves is a vocalist, lyricist, choir executive, acclaim and love pioneer, and a minister's wife. She was destined to Serve the Lord and positively accept that the God she serves is not unrighteous to overlook her work of affection (Hebrews 6:10). "Children Obey" is her introduction single and the presentation collection "Among The Gods" is her debut album! Listen to this amazing album! There's inspiration with different melodies and rhythms in every song!

Bio - Stephanie was conceived in Croydon, somewhat brought up in Spanish Town, Jamaica with her grandparents. Stephanie’s profound conception occurred inside the Shiloh Church in Croydon, under the administration of Bishop Malachi Ramsay and her previous minister Bishop Danny Bennett.

Stephanie is married to Bishop Desmond Greaves and they have two children. Minister Greaves is the author of the Salvation and Deliverance International Ministries where he and Stephanie are presently situated in Anerley. They worship at the "Anerley Methodist Church, Oakfield Rd, Anerely, London Se20 8qa.

The administrations begin at 2.30pm on a Sunday and on Tuesday's at 7.00pm. It would be ideal for those who are in the area to join them and bring a companion or your crew.

In addition to her ministry accomplishments, Stephanie obtained a B.A. in Social Care and as of now she work inside the field of Social Work with Children and Families!

Song of the Year – Honorable Mentions Honors

The Song of the Year songwriting contest has awarded Stephanie Greaves the Honorable Mention placement in the song contest. Song of the Year receives entries from all over the world and only the top songwriters receive an Honorable Mention placement in the songwriting competition.

Devine Jamz Gospel Network – Christian Marketing Promoter

Stephanie Greaves is an anointed and gifted artist. Her music strongly presents a pastoral care for children and those who parent them. The different melodies and rhythms in her music share a common interest of inspiration! The various styles that she sings makes up different targeted audiences, which makes it more appealing for marketing. Devine Jamz is very proud to represent Stephanie Greaves and we are confident that many souls will be touched upon experiencing the collection of songs.

Stephanie Greaves Online:



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Sun, Aug 31st - 8:08AM

Get 2 Months of Free Marketing When You Purchase Any of Our Featured Artist's Songs!

Amazon Store At Devine Jamz Gospel Network (DJGN) help our Featured Christian Artists with sells by exposing their music and products to our followers and consumers!

Devine Jamz Gospel Network (DJGN) offers 2 Months Free Marketing when you purchase any of our Featured Christian Artist's songs that's $5.00 in total value or more from our Amazon Website!

DJGN Christian Featured Artists:

Stephanie Greaves - a vocalist, lyricist, choir executive, acclaim and love pioneer, and a pastor. "Children Obey" is her introduction single and the presentation collection "Among The Gods" is her debut album! Listen to this amazing album! There's inspiration with different melodies and rhythms in every song!

Gina Mariah - She call her songs "Music With A Mission" because it is just that! The impact she creates from her unique pop style of singing earns many requests to perform at weddings, funerals and events. Gina's first single is called "Do You Know?" It asks the question do you know how much I love you? Do you know how much I care? It is catchy and many have said uplifting or inspiring.

Phil Marks Sr - The Contemporary Christian Music by Phil Marks Sr. Helps Interpret God’s Message As Applied In This Modern Day And Age! The songs "Grace From Heaven", "Come Away With Me", "Moment To Moment", "Come Follow Me", and 10 others are written by Phil and his wife Annie Marie Marks and are arranged by Manfred Dreilich. They are performed by Phil Marks Sr. and seek to inspire people to become closer to God.

Gods Vessel - Christian Hip Hop Artist with a irrevocable calling! His hit single “I’m a Rider for the Lord Yahweh” is on the album “The Transformation: Last Chance to Right My Wrongs”. The lyrics are by GODs Vessel and the beat is by Geno Montana. God’s Vessel Music is Going Full Throttle With New Album “Purpose Driven” (I Got Ten Behind Me) coming soon. These 13 tracks will alsobless your soul!

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Mon, Jul 7th - 8:13AM

Free 1-Year SoundCloud Music Marketing Promotion get your song on multiple optimized Christian playlists at no cost to you! If you know anything about search engine optimization, then you know that an optimized SoundCloud Playlist will increase your chances for being heard! 

Also, if your SoundCloud song is listed for purchase at, it will also be listed for purchase on the multiple playlist we will insert your music on. Only difference, Devine Jamz don't charge you anything! That means you now have music for sale on 3 additional websites at no extra cost. If that's not outreach I'm not really sure what is family! You keep all the revenue received from our SoundCloud playlists and websites! 

Don't pass up a freebie saints! The clock is ticking and we are almost at the closing date and time to select 13 recipients for a 1-year SoundCloud marketing promotion! Sign Up Here to enter your SoundCloud song!

Marketing The Gospel By

Devine Jamz Gospel Network
- See more at:

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