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Sun, Dec 22nd - 4:43AM

Christian Discernment: A Practical Definition

What is really involved in Christian discernment? Is it something mystical? An inner sense? Or is it more practical than that? Here are the three D's that define discernment and make it practical in everyday life.

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Wed, Dec 18th - 8:57AM

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Sun, Dec 1st - 5:35AM

Biblical Illiteracy

The Struggle with Biblical Illiteracy
How would you define "biblical illiteracy"? And more importantly is the church today biblically illiterate? The answer may be a shocking "yes"!
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Why are We So Biblically Illiterate?
Why, in a culture where nearly everyone can read, has access to a Bible, and has a church on every corner, is there such biblical illiteracy? And why has that biblical illiteracy infected the church as well? Because we have been undercut in four vitally important areas.
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Thu, Apr 18th - 5:29AM

Church Life 1

The local church plays a vital role in our individual Christian walk, and in the advance of God's kingdom on earth.

How to Destroy Your Church: Zip Your Lips
If you really want to destroy your church quickly, here is the number one rule: zip your lips when you see something wrong. Got that? Don't say anything. Don't speak up. Don't voice your concerns. Don't make waves.
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How to Destroy Your Church: No Pruning Allowed
One of the simplest ways to destroy a church is to put up a sign that says, "No Pruning Allowed!" When you see slight deviations from the Word of God, little sins here and there just let them alone. After all, they're small. No big deal. Nothing to get up in arms about. Or are they?
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Tue, Apr 9th - 6:56AM

Church Life 2

How to Destroy Your Church: My Way or the Highway
Destroying a church is easy, particularly if you are in a position of leadership. Simply insist on "my way or the highway." It's a very equestrian position: dig in your heels like a mule, and get on your high-horse at the slightest provocation Read the full article.

How to Destroy Your Church: Don't Look in the Mirror
If you want to destroy your church, you should never figuratively speaking "look in the mirror." Don't spend time examining yourself for sin. Don't put your words, actions, attitudes, and thoughts to the test. Don't do group evaluations to see whether the church, the leadership team, the committees, etc. are on target scripturally, or are perhaps heading off the straight and narrow down the path of sin. Read the full article.

How to Destroy Your Church: Do Not Touch
One surefire way to destroy your church is to hang a placard around the neck of each person in leadership that says "Do Not Touch!" When you do so, the person becomes exempt from the tap of reproof, relieved from the hand of correction, unaccountable to any accountability. Read the full article.
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