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Thu, Jan 17th - 4:51AM

General Zod

General Zod is a former Kryptonian military general and an enemy to Superman.

General Dru-Zod was once one of Krypton's well-trusted militants defending Krypton from outside sources and invaders from parts of the 28 known galaxies. Upon reaching rank from Major to General, Zod became well-known and famous for his strategic plans and combat tactics and even initiated his own army dedicated to his upbringing and it was upon the time that he also knew Superman's father, Jor-El, one of Krypton's finest scientists. But upon his rise to power, Zod became power hungry and ruthless as he attempted to build a strong army and support to take over Krypton's council and establish a new order among its citizens and the planet, placing himself as absolute ruler of Krypton.

However, after an outbreaking war was done, Zod was later captured and put on trial along with his conspirators, with Jor-El acting upon witness and jailer. After being found guilty of treason, Jor-El and the council exiled Zod and his conspirators to spend all eternity in the Phantom Zone, an eternal living void. He survived the destruction of Krypton and swore revenge against the son of Jor-El. Zod made his way to Earth and confronted Jor-El's only son, Kal-El, also known as Superman, several times and clashed for dominance of Earth with the promise that, 'the son of Jor-El will kneel before Zod' and enslave him for his father's acts.

Zod is one of Superman's deadliest rivals, attempting to seek vengeance for his father's condemnation and his attempts to turn Earth into his version of Krypton, Zod inflicts agony to the Man of Steel, by using those whose close to Superman against him, as well as harming innocent people to make Superman suffer as a tribute to his own imprisonment. Zod's personalities are considered ruthless to an extent and destructive, especially when unleashing his powers, but despite this Zod also carries a sadistic charm to which can say that he holds a cold personality upon acting for his own ambitions.

General Zod was created by Robert Bernstein and George Papp, first appearing in Adventure Comics #283. (1961) In the motion pictures Superman (1978) and Superman II (1980), Zod is portrayed by British actor Terence Stamp (above left); the character is the principal villain in the latter film. In the upcoming Man of Steel, American actor Michael Shannon (right) plays General Zod.

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