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Tue, Oct 22nd - 10:16AM

I have chosen Cookin Fun for specific reasons:

Thank you for joining Cookin Fun. It is a great concept of building a network marketing element into a theme so common as recipes, cooking, and food.
It is something everyone can relate to. It is a more common theme than Cell-phones or computers, yet hardly anyone has ever heard of Cookin Fun (yet).
You can build an excellent reliable monthly residual income with it by sharing it with others.
The Cookin Fun Owner has a fantastic track record of 11 years of success with its sister program: "Greenwiz." Cookin Fun was started just a few months ago, due to the success of Greenwiz, and to provide members with an even higher commission’s structure.

I answer questions via email, evenings and weekends. I live in Ontario Canada, and have a strong background in network marketing.
My online marketing income is continuing to grow, and I will increase my online income to soon exceed my offline income.

I am currently working on a website to support my down line team in Cookin Fun. I hope to have the site ready by or before September 1st.

Meanwhile, you can expect to receive some spillover from my efforts. I strongly suggest contacting any new sign-ups you receive via the Cookin Fun messaging system.

My plan is not to just provide you with free spillover, but to help get you into profits as quickly as possible.

If you duplicate just a few simple steps, then you can grow a good quality team, who will do the same. Network marketing is "Teach to teach to teach".

Do not be intimidated by large numbers of members you may think you need. Focus on helping 3 people get into profits as quickly as possible, then coach them to continue to do the same for just a few people.

This dedicated effort is what truly builds a strong team and ultimately a large network, and as a result; your income will grow significantly.

Have realistic expectations... This is not just sign-up and expects automatic gazillion dollars in the next couple of days!
Think of it as buying an empty brick and mortar store you are leasing for only 10 dollars a month. If you never open the store, how many customers will you have in a week, or a month?

If you do not advertise your new store, who will even know it exists? Again, how much business can you expect if all you do is lease the store, never open it, and put zero effort into building your client base?

I have chosen Cookin Fun for specific reasons:

(1) It is a sustainable reliable company whose owner has an 11 year old track record with its sister program (Greenwiz)

(2) It pays twice the commissions as GDI (Global Domains International)

(3) Very few people have ever heard of Cookin Fun, so saturation or over-exposure is not a concern.

Understand what this opportunity truly represents:

It is an online version of the next McDonald's!

McDonald's is simply a franchised high volume food distribution network. Anyone who took the chance to risk buying into a McDonald's franchise before it became a household name became outrageously wealthy.

Cookin Fun's theme is about food. Food is something common to all households, everyone can relate to it. No complicated learning curve, having to study a complicated new system, or trying to explain what food, recipes, and cooking is all about!

Recently, you were giving a chance to have the door opened to this new unheard of franchise. It is a free trial to look inside this empty building that has an extremely profitable future ahead of it. 10 dollars a month hands you the keys to build your franchise into an empire!

It all starts by welcoming that first customer and helping them get started.
Every month now, I can see that my online income has grown from the previous month. Where have you ever worked in your life that you could earn a raise every month?
I hope you will join me, and soon know how this feels!

I hope we can be working together soon, has an excellent day!

Respectfully Yours,

Click here to join

[url=]I have chosen Cookin Fun for specific reasons:[/url]

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Thu, Aug 16th - 5:24AM

LONG TERM FINANCIAL SECURITY which will be important in future years.
Our Marketing Plan By becoming a distributor with Forever Living Products you can enjoy additional incomes of a few hundred dollars a month, up to however much you wish to earn. Since the launch in the US in 1978 several distributors are achieving incomes in excess of $1, 000, 000 per year The marketing plan gives you three areas of income: Sell products through internet, this will give you an immediate income of 35% to 48% as your business grows Team Leading Bonus. You will be shown how to use internet to develop a team of people like yourself, wishing to earn an extra income. You will be paid a bonus by F.L.P of between 3% and 18% on their sales Royalty Bonus. Over a period of time with persistence and hard work, your business will grow and you will then receive a passive income from the teams that you have helped to become businesses in their own right. The additional passive income of between 2% and 9% will give you LONG TERM FINANCIAL SECURITY which will be important in future years. Are there registration or administration fees? To get involved with Forever Living Products costs nothing. Registration is FREE. All bonuses are paid on the retail value of the products and full on-line training and support is available Join Our Free Membership!
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