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Wed, Sep 15th - 10:48PM

Swimsuit Bikini for Mature Women - how to look good on the beach
Age is only a number and there is absolutely no reason why a mature woman shouldn’t be able to don the swimsuit bikini of her choice and relax on the beach or around the pool, feeling confident that she looks her best, without worrying herself about how younger girls around her are looking.

Whilst you may not have the figure of a model, there are many types of Swimsuit Bikinis for mature women to enhance your body shape and make you look stylish and attractive. Although Helen Mirren , the actress, was photographed at the age of 62 looking stunning in a red Hot Bikini, I would advocate that mature women choose one piece swimsuits, swimdresses or even tankinis as I think a little less flesh at this age is more classy and sophisticated.

Mature women look good in vibrant colours or pretty prints that bring out the best in their skin tone, as dark, plain colours can look outdated and old fashioned and drain them of colour. They can look good in a Hot Bikini that has a higher neckline with wide straps and scooped back or a style that has boy legs or shorts to cover up the tops of the legs a little.

For a more feminine look swim dresses are very popular this year and if you are slim, then a fitted a line swim dress would work well or, if you are on the larger size then choose a pretty flowing style that drapes well over your curves, without ballooning out.

If you swim at the pool on a regular basis to keep in shape then you would probably be best to choose a One-Piece Swimsuit that is more suitable for that use. There is a lot of sporty looking Swimsuit Bikinis for mature women that use stripes in a very clever way. For example stripes down each side of the costume slim down your waist and give you a great looking shape and stripes worn horizontally across the very top of a swimsuit detract from the chest area and draws your eyes up towards the face.

Lastly, accessories can make a huge difference to creating a sophisticated mature look. Try wearing a matching sarong around your waist, a pretty straw hat to protect you from the sun or a fashionable maxi dress to slide on over your costume, and you will create an elegant stunning figure that attracts many admiring glances.



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Wed, Sep 15th - 10:38PM

LED T-Shirt is the Real Fashion Now
LED T-Shirt is 100% cotton made shirt. There is an electro luminescent in the front which can reflect to music with the help of which you can be able to listen to music. You can also have a visual rhythm with this great feature which can be used to guide others. A battery pack provides power to it which is normally put within inside of the T-shirt. The good thing about the electro luminescent panel is that it can be removed and replaced very easily. It has a universal interface. Other EL panels can be used to replace it. This sound activated T-shirt is convenient and stylish.

These EL T-shirts have many great features. It can light up and react to the sound. You can have the feature of volume control with the help of which sensitive music can be controlled. These shirts are hand washable. You just need to unplug battery box and the EL panel. You can be able to control the loudness of the sound with the help of sound sensitivity feature in these shirts. There is high technology used in these shirts for 100% cotton. The battery pack is hidden in the T-shirt cleverly. This shirt can be good for the music lovers and dance fans because of its sound activation feature. It can be really good for the hip hop fans. EL panel is attached to this T-shirt with the help of Velcro.

Normally this EL T-shirt is available in the black color but it has a multi LED color. There is light flashing up and down. There are 4 x AAA batteries used in these shirts and its net weight is 260g. These LED T-shirts are available in different sizes like medium, large, extra large, XXL, XXXL with different widths. This shirt can be washed by removing the panel and the battery pack. But it is important for you to know that there should be dry clean and hand wash for these shirts. Whole power cord should be removed very carefully before washing these shirts. Any part of flash panel should never be submerged.

The mixture batteries should not be used in these sound activated T-shirts rather 4 x AAA battery should be inserted. There is slide switch in order to operate power. Pressure should not be applied on the flash panel. The quality of these shirts is very good and these shirts are available at low price. These EL T-shirts can be used for advertisement as these are cool and fashionable shirts. These shirts can be worn easily at dance parties and concerts. These shirts are available in different designs of LEDs. There is an equalizer is these shirts which can perform according to the frequency of the music being played. Cotton fabric is normally used in these shirts. The flashing speed can be maintained up to desirable level in the shirt. The lights in the shirt normally flash in green, red and yellow color. These shirts are very good for the fashion lovers.
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