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Fri, Sep 10th - 2:13AM

Sexy Swimsuit -- Be a Queen on the Beach

Befitting their status, Swimsuit Bikini are available in many different types, ranging from those that are strictly functional and designed to cover up the swimmer as much as possible to the ones that are designed to enhance a person's sexiness.

Swimsuit can be skin-tight or loose fitting. Women's swimsuit essentially comes in the following types:

1 One-pieces
2 Bikinis
3 Thongs

Now you cannot even begin to imagine how creatively these three types of swimsuits can be designed to come up with hundreds and probably thousands of bewitching looks. Right from the color, to the material, to the cuts, they are brought together in their variety to produce swim wear that would turn heads when worn and walked down a beach.

One-piece swimsuit has different variations like leotard and tank suit. Then there is the thong which is a one-piece swimsuit with a thong-back that leaves the buttocks exposed. The sling suit has straps that go around the waist and stretch upwards to go over the shoulders. It covers the breasts leaving the sides uncovered.

The two-piece swimsuit or the bikini is available as G-strings, thongs and T-backs. There is a form of bikini which is a combination of a tank top and a bikini bottom, it is popularly called Tankini. Once again two-pieces can be designed inventively into producing bikinis which cater to a variety of choices. You have halter-necks, maillots, stringbodys and plunge fronts for choice.

Bikinis come with a varied range of price tags. You can get the high-priced, branded ones from boutiques or the reasonably priced ones at your local malls. What's more they are also available online. There are websites which offer a wide range of swimsuit designed for different tastes and specifications. So just go ahead, buy a Beach Wear Teddy that goes with your personality and enjoy yourself on the beach.


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