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Fri, Aug 20th - 6:59PM

Badges of America's Heroes Blog Page

"Badges of America's Heroes" A Pictorial Guide to Badges of America's Firefighters

Here are just a few of the fine points: 

*        Almost a thousand badges are portrayed representing nearly every state

*        The book serves as a historical record, chronologically documenting many cities badge evolution

*        Some of the earliest known fire badges are represented

*        The book has contributions from museums and other collectors

*        Many one of a kind, gold and silver presentation badges are portrayed

*        Badge narratives include the historical significance and back-ground information that relates to the owner of the badge

*        The book includes some of the earliest known ambrotypes, daguerreotypes, tintypes and carte de viste of Firemen wearing badges

 If you like badges, you will love this book!

Vist the website

Here is what people are saying about the book:

“So much technical information, I’m looking at it a little at a time.”

Steve Heaver

Director The Fire Museum of Maryland


“Excellent job, I'm extremely impressed with the badges from your collection.”

Stan Willis, Cincinnati Ohio


 “I bought a copy of the regular book and have since decided to purchase a leather bound copy.”

 Nice job!

 Bill Houston, Cincinnati Ohio


 “Very comprehensive”

Henry P. Bergson, Katonah, NY


 "Great job on the layout of the book. The cabinet photo's and other fire related items as well as the stories about the badges made for interesting reading. It is more than just a badge book.”

Well done!
Don Vessey, Minneapolis, Minnesota


“Good book! I really appreciated the in-depth hallmark information. I see it being a must have book for the serious collector.”

Steve Palenske, Las Vegas Fire/Rescue


“Nice job!”

Ron Pearson, Curator Minneapolis Firefighters Hall and Museum


“FANTASTIC job.  The formatting, display, information, history, knowledge, and creativeness is absolutely fascinating. I spent the last two days going OVER each page.  What AMAZES me as a collector is two-fold: 1st - the tremendous NUMBER of badges PRE-1900s; 2nd – the NUMBER of absolutely beautiful GOLD badges.(the sterling silver ones are great also).”
STEVEN WAYNE KNIGHT, M.A. Current Commissioner for San Diego Police Department and Technical Analyst for Long Beach Police Historical Associations


 "I ordered a standard copy, and a commemorative copy, they are indeed nice. Thanks for writing the book.”

Jim Christian, El Dorado Hills, CA 


 “Outstanding, I am going to include a notification of it in the next issue of the National Fire Heritage Center newsletter.  It is a very comprehensive.”

Ronny J. Coleman


“Well worth the wait-excellent, excellent, excellent- it is one of the nicest books to add to my library.”

 Thanks for a great job
Nick Jennings, Ambler, PA. 

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