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Sun, Jul 25th - 9:41PM

The Way of Transcendence . . .

In the beginning there was . . .

Darkness & Light

But there was not yet imagination with which to fill the void. There was only these two seemingly opposed forces, which inevitably flooded into each other, intermingling, and creating new shadows of mystery and wonder . . . 


From The Angelic Way Rami Shapiro,

"There is a beautiful saying of Novalis: 'The seat of the soul is there, where the outer and the inner worlds meet.' That is the wonderland of myth. From the outer world the senses carry images of the mind, which do not become myth, however, until they're transformed by fusion with accordant insights, awakened as imagination from the inner world of the body. The Buddhists speak of Buddha Realms. There are planes and orders of consciousness that can be brought to mind through meditations on appropriately mythologized forms. Plato tells of universal ideas, memory of which is lost at birth but through philosophy may be recalled. ~Joseph Campbell

The Greek word mythus denotes a story or narrative that, from our perspective, originates in the encounter between ego-centered mind and it's angelic capacity for self-transcendence... 

In his classic book on myth, The Hero's Journey, Joseph Campbell said that 'mythology is an organization of symbolic narrative and images that are metaphorical of the possibilities of the human experience and fulfillment in a given society at a given time.' According to the Campbell scholar Mark Meadows, the function of myth as Campbell understood it is to help the individual realize his or her connection with the Ground of Being 'at once the depths of the psyche and in the transcendent aspect of the macrocosm itself . . . and to thereby see the material world as a symbol of an unseen unity that undergirds and informs the phenomenal world.'

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