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Fri, Mar 13th - 11:07AM

Topsail Island, NC --- Paradise !

Ok, this is my first post so I’m jumping in with both feet.

I miss the beach. Our favorite place is Topsail Island, NC. Twenty-six miles of barrier island on the North Carolina shores of the Atlantic Ocean.

Coming from the Midwest, I never knew what I was missing until a week’s vacation in 2004. I was searching for a nice, quiet oceanfront rental somewhere other than the usual Myrtle Beach, Virginia Beach, Tybee Island etc.

Suddenly, BINGO! Topsail Island! I was astonished with the amount of rental property available right on the beach! Oceanfront! Nothing else will do.

Off Season:

Jan through the 3rd week in May plus Oct, Nov, Dec is considered the Off-Season.

You absolutely can’t beat the prices during the off-season. Some adventures however, such as charter boats or other seasonal specific adventures could be closed or limited during the off-season.


The last week of May and first week of June, as well as last two weeks of Aug and first week of Sept are considered the Mid-Season

In Season:

The last three weeks in June and the first two weeks in Aug are the In-Season weeks.

Peak Season:

Peak Season is considered to be all of June including a couple of days on each end.


NOTE: Use this information as an example. Do not take the actual days as fact because it is just to get an idea of the different seasons in regards to renting.


This, of course, is only one realtor’s example of seasons. Other rental season my vary just a bit but are basically close to the same.

I like to go in the off season because I do not like the heat. I know; how can I be a beach lover? I’m not a sun worshipper. I love the Ocean and the Beach when the temps are cooler.

The Island has a few restaurants and several shops and if you need a larger shopping experience you only need to cross the swing bridge back to the Mainland. No big deal and just minutes away from all the stores you’re accustomed to at home.


Rentals are available with or without linens. You may bring your own or rent from your realtor when you get there. Many homes furnish the linens also. My preference for rental property is a single dwelling home which is most time owned by individuals. There are plenty of 5 bedroom homes for rent if you want to take a large group with you. Prices will jump considerably in this case.

Some rentals will allow you to bring along your much loved pet for an additional fee.


I prefer to drive out because I don’t fly. When driving out, I can pack whatever comforts of home I may think I need and as much as I can fit in my truck! I always over-pack because I can. If you’re flying, Wilmington, NC is the closest airport. Flying will limit what you can take along for the trip.


I was hesitant to post about Topsail Island because I love the way it’s rather unknown and not full of tourists (especially in the off-season) but I know all the “Mom and Pop” shop/restaurant/home owners could use a little economic influx so….

Make plans to go to Topsail Island, NC this year.


PS: I will be writing in the future about the many wonders of Topsail Island such as; Pirates/Blackbeard, Shark teeth along the beach, Dolphin at play while you watch from the deck of your Oceanfront rental, near-by Cape Lookout Lighthouse and more….

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