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Sat, Jan 31st - 4:13PM

my first day
Before working with moving images I was a still photographer. Then I moved into filmmaking, in 1968 and fished up in 2005. I now have a studio is on the outskirts of Greenwich Village in New York. The studio is a corner of the mid-19th-century warehouse-cum-stable ''I kept looking and looking, and I kept coming back to Charles Street. One particularly sunny day I walked up to the roof and the sun was moving across the water and I said: 'O.K., let's think about this place.' It was pretty hypnotic.''

162 Charles Street is a red brick building it is now a studio, office. The 2,750-square-foot studio (empty except for an enormous roll of white paper hung from the 16-foot ceiling) from the mezzanine and say, ''I never thought I'd ever own anything like this.'' In May of that year moved in, a late 19th-century building, which contained close to 10,000 square feet of usable space in the then-four-story space. (We have since eliminated a floor and added a mezzanine, bringing the total down to 13.750 square feet.)

When we started doing the build work first two Meier towers, sheathed in green glass, house many notable New Yorkers and household name celebrities including Calvin Klein (triplex penthouse at 176 Perry), Vincent Gallo (at 173 Perry) and Scott Resnick (also at 173 Perry). Even Big Miss Martha once owned in these buildings. She paid $6,100,000 for the duplex penthouse at 173 Perry, but never moved in and sold the unit just prior to her imprisonment in 2004 that was around about the that the time third and final Meier tower, at 165 Charles, has been completely sold and many of its residents also have recognizable names including Natalie Portman and gallerist Barbara Gladstone. We stated moving in, I had all my own equipment, a truck complete with most basic lighting equipment the extra lighting equipment equipment we would rent as needed.

On the day we moved in to the studio there was still building work going on inside the building and we had to park the truck across the road from the studio, on one of the many time taken the equipment into the studio, we had just come out of the build to see a dog with it's leg cocked up on one of our light stands, as we shout out at the dog we did not behind the truck was it's owner and the owner was Nat Portman with her dog Charlie she was just going for a walk down the street. Oh I am so sorry she said. I said if Charlie needs to go then he needs to go, she looked at me a said, do I know you from some were! At this point you will have to remember that the film crew is all ways told that you must never speak to the cast. This is the big thing the gap between the film crew and the cast. So I said something like, Oh yes we have worked together in three film, and Nat said. But that another story.

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