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Sat, May 18th - 11:52AM

NQ Mobile Easy Finder
NQ Mobile Easy Finder - a powerful "anti-theft" system for Android-compatible devices.

NQ Mobile Easy Finder - is a small application for the mobile platform Android, which will be very useful in case of loss or theft of mobile devices. With the proposed tool, you can remotely delete personal information from your device, back up critical data to determine the current geographic coordinates of the lost smart phone, get a snapshot of the likely abductor and more.

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While the most requested features (such as positioning and remote wipe) are available only in the premium-version of Easy Finder, a free version of the product also offers the attention of users of the impressive range of options.

After creating a personal account at NQ Mobile rightful owner will be able to interact with the lost device via a convenient web-based interface to display on a standard desktop browser. With the available commands you can perform actions such as remote activation alarm, locking devices, backup your address book and other important personal information stored in the phone memory. The program also helps to protect cell phone from unauthorized access with a more efficient and reliable password and will notify you of the attempt was made to unlock the device.

Another very interesting feature is the ability to automatically create a snapshot of the potential thief or person who found your cell phone. Taking pictures with the front camera, and the resulting images are immediately sent to a user specified email address. In the menu «Settings» you personally customize various application parameters, such as specifying the number of failed password attempts, after the exhaustion of which will be activated security system.

The application is running an operating system Android 2.2 and later versions. Latest version NQ Mobile Easy Finder is available for download from online retailers Play Store.

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