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Sat, Mar 29th - 4:22PM

Firecat Studios Takes the Iron WebMaster Title!
Launched a mere three months ago, the Iron WebMaster website design competition invited web designers from around the world to pit their skills against one another. 

Partially based on such hit shows as the Food Network's "Iron Chef" and FOX's "American Idol," Iron WebMaster presented competitors with a series of design challenges and invited the public to help decide who should win each round. Themes ranged from a simple web developer profile to complex travel sites with interactive features.

Just as with "American Idol," the competition was not short of its darlings. Cynthia Nord of Indianapolis, Indiana and college-student Cole Hafner of Ashland, Oregon, both sharpened their design skills with each round and drew scores of votes from adoring fans even with late entries in the last couple rounds.

After five rounds of fierce competition, though, it was Firecat Studios of Patchogue, New York, that shot ahead to claim the title of Iron WebMaster. Firecat's entries were always timely and professional and favored by a variety of celebrity judges.

Congratulations Firecat Studios on your stellar win!

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