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Sun, Nov 26th - 4:41AM

Home Painting News: Benjamin Moore’s Color of Year 2018 is Out!

Colors have the power to change a dull dreary ambience into a vibrant one! With the right hues, you can transform your home into a masterpiece. But, choosing the right color is a big task. It means any type of help, advice and suggestions are always welcome. And, when you can obtain help from Canada’s premier paint color company, it is a clear blessing.

Benjamin Moore’s Color of the Year is here!

Last year, Benjamin Moore shocked the world when it avoided the traditional neutral colors and chose a dark, amethyst shade of “Shadow”. In 2018, the company has surprised everyone by choosing yet another bold color, Caliente AF-290 as the color of the year.

Caliente is nothing like last year’s color. It is vibrant, sizzling hot with a slight tint of orange. The shade is the perfect way to add a pop of color to your home. “Strong, radiant and full of energy, Caliente AF-290 is total confidence. It is pleasing, passionate and makes people feel special, like ‘red carpet treatment’,” said Ellen O’Neill, Benjamin Moore Director of Strategic Design Intelligence. She suggested that the color is not only suitable for an accent wall but can be used for all walls of a room to add an element of surprise and adventure.

Thinking of using Caliente in your next Home Painting Project?

Do you love to be trendy? Did you love Benjamin Moore’s Color of the Year? Why not use it as a part of the color theme in your home?

• Baby Steps for you!

If you are nervous about choosing such a bold color for the entire room, start small. You can choose Caliente for the living room couch or the chairs in the dining room. You can paint the cupboard or the center table with the bold shade of red. Even painting the trim with the color can add an element of surprise and complement the neutral walls.

• Accent Wall works every time!

If you are ready to experiment but not sure about taking the leap, an accent wall works best for you. You can choose any wall in the room to be the accent wall. But, before making the decision, make sure to paint swatches of Caliente AF-290 in different corners of the room. Understand the effect of lighting throughout the day. And, then choose the wallthat looks the most vibrant and beautiful.

• Don’t be Afraid; Take the Leap

If white walls and neutral colors are your thing, taking the leap and choosing Caliente can be a difficult task for you. But, you can use the Color of the Year in any room you like. Painting a bedroom in the bold red shade can make it cozy. Using the color in children’s bedroom will allow you shift focus to the color, and divert attention from all the mess.

Give a Beautiful Color to your Home: Go for Caliente AF-290 Today!

There is no need to follow the conventional wisdom of choosing lighter colors for smaller rooms and areas without ample natural sunlight. You can use the bright red color in your children’s room, hallway, living room and other areas of your home that need attention.

So, bring out the paint cans and start painting your home in the beautiful red hue from Benjamin Moore. It’s time to make your home beautiful, bold and colorful with Caliente.

Want to paint your home in Benjamin Moore’s Color of the Year? Hire the best painters in Toronto to give your home a bold makeover with Caliente. Avoid DIY and get clean painting results with a professional. Choose someone who can paint your kitchen, bedroom and other parts of your home the way you like it.

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Thu, Nov 9th - 3:26AM

Custom Wallpaper – A Perfect Way to Personalize your Home

Paint is a way of improving the look of your home. But, it is not the only option. Another popular option is wallpaper. The benefit of using wallpaper is that it not only adds a pop of color to the walls but it also gives a texture to them. When you use paint to adorn your walls, you get a one-dimensional effect, but when you choose wallpaper, you get to add different layers to the room.

Wallpapers for your Home: Can you customize it?

The reason that wallpaper is a go-to choice for homeowners is because it comes in different colors, patterns, textures and materials. Gone are the days when paper and fabric were the only things used for creating beautiful wallpapers. Today, there are myriad options available with you. And, if you cannot find wallpaper that suits your requirements, you can always customize it. Custom wallpaper is ideal when you want to order a small piece of wallpaper instead of buying the entire roll. It is also useful when you want to patch the old wallpaper.

• Customizing Wallpaper: Does it really work?

You may think that customizing wallpaper is a difficult task but there are many online options available to help you with the process. You will find many companies who print your wallpaper designs quickly and efficiently. Design your Wall, Spoon flower and Print Wallpaper are few of the online websites that will help you to customize the wallpaper. You can even choose self-adhesive wallpaper to ensure a non-messy installation process.

• How to choose the Design for Wallpaper?

Now, remember that the image you use for the wallpaper must be your creation or you must have its rights. It means company logos, comic book characters or sports team mascots cannot be the primary focus of the wallpaper. To create designs, you can use Photoshop, Illustrator, Inks cape and other graphic designing software. Alternatively, you can submit your sketches and collages as well. Once you are sure about the design, you can edit it with different online editing tools such as Picmonkey, Fotor, etc.

• Worried about the Look of Wallpaper?

Make sure that you adhere to the quality standards of the printing companies. If you choose a small image, it will look pixelated and ruin the look of the wallpaper. Also, companies offer you swatches of your design. It will help you to understand whether the design will look good on the walls or will the colors blend together to look like a mess. After passing the test, all you need to do is choose the kind of fabric that you want for the wallpaper.

Custom Wallpaper: Give your Style to your Home

Custom wallpaper is a fun way of personalizing your living space. It can help you to give a quick makeover to your home without bringing out the paint cans and brushes. And, with self-adhesive wallpaper, you can finish the installation process in no time. So, next time you need to create a masterpiece for your home, why not choose custom wallpapers to achieve your goal.

Perfect Painter is the right choice for installing wallpaper in your home or office. The Toronto painter is a reputed name among homeowners looking for a quick interior home painting makeover. Choose the company to give a fresh new color to the kitchen, dining room and other parts of your home. Get in touch today.

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Mon, Nov 6th - 2:32AM

How to avoid Electrical Problems during winter?

Winter is coming!

The winter may not be as cruel as the one in Game of Thrones universe, but if you do not take necessary precautions, it can cause electrical disasters in your home. It is the perfect time to conduct a thorough electrical inspection of your property. Why? You certainly do not want the power to go off during the cold winter months.

Put an End to Electrical Problems; Enjoy a Safe and Warm Winter

Winter can be a cruel season, especially when there is no electrical supply in your home. To avoid electrical problems, it is best to adopt a pro-active approach. Learn the common electrical problems associated with the winter season and get ready to tackle them.

• Electrical Over loadingis an Issue

The problem with the electrical system of a home is that homeowners do not think there is a problem with it. Usually, homeowners assume that everything is OK with the electrical system and do not consider checking it. Your house may be old and the wires may have deteriorated. You home may not be code compliant with current electrical standards. Also, the old electrical panels were not built to take the pressure of multiple electrical devices. Add to them different heating devices and Holiday lighting and it spells a recipe for an electrical disaster.

With a thorough electrical inspection, ask a licensed electrician to ascertain the quality of the wiring system, panels, service, switches, etc. It will help you in repairing the electrical system of your home and making it up to date with the current standards.

• Electrical Heating Devices: Keeping the Heat up!

Winter months in Canada are notorious for being extremely cold. And, you will need heating devices such as electrical heaters, electrical blankets, heat lamps, etc. to keep you and your loved ones warm. It is possible that the devices are broken because you haven’t used them since last winter. Old and damaged devices pose a great fire hazard. So, it is essential to inspect the devices. Once you are sure that they are working properly, place them away from combustible materials and water sources.

And, remember to ensure electrical safety during the Holidays.Use festival lights and electrical decorations marked for ‘outdoor use only’. Do not make use of extension cords because they can become a tripping hazard as well as a fire hazard in no time.

• Electrical Safety Equipment: Be Safe than Sorry

Electrical safety equipment is necessary for every home. Its existence becomes all the more important during winter months because you will be spending a lot of time indoors. The three most essential electrical safety devices include:

a. Circuit Breakers – They are useful to help you find a fault in the appliances. For example, if the electric heater is old, it can pull more power and cause damage. In such a situation, the circuit breaker will trip and cut off electrical supply to your home.

b. Smoke Alarms – You must install smoke alarms in every part of the home. Battery-operated alarms are common. But, you can choose hardwired smoke alarms that are connected with the electrical system of your home. If one alarm detects smoke, all the others alarms will activate immediately and inform you of a hazard.

c. Surge Protector –Power surges is a common problem during winter months. High power consumption is not the only reason behind it. Downed poles and damaged lines are common because of strong winds and ice. If you have expensive electrical devices in your home, you must use a surge protector to prevent any risk to them.

Before winter arrives, it is best to undertake electrical inspection of your home. Hire a licensed electrician who can pinpoint the problem areas. Ask him to repair the electrical system and install electrical safety equipment to keep your home safe. With the help of a professional, make sure that your home stays warm for the cold months.

Power Electrical is a top-rated electrical company of Toronto. Hire the licensed electricians for electrical inspections and make your home ready for winter. Our team will install high-quality electrical safety equipment and help you with the Holiday decorations as well. Get in touch today for comprehensive electrical repair and installation services under one roof.

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Mon, Oct 30th - 3:07PM

What is the Right Way of renovating a Home in Mississauga?

Having the perfect home is a dream for everyone! And, with several renovation companies coming up in Mississauga, every home owner has many ways to build the home he dreams of! Not to mention different DIY websites make renovations look so simple that it may compel you to begin adding a room or finishing the basement on your own.

But, before you hire a renovation contractor or bring out your tools, you must understand that Mississauga is a well-established neighborhood. Beginning any kind of renovation work in the city without proper knowledge of rules can make you a wrongdoer in the eyes of the local government as well as your neighbors. So, learn the right way of building your dream home.

Renovating a Home in Mississauga – Do it the Right Way

• Does your dream home ‘fit’?

You may take care of the Ontario Building Code and make sure that you do not break any bylaws set by the City of Mississauga, but your job doesn’t end there. The local government has set strict controls to ensure that a new home or a renovated one doesn’t alter the character of a neighborhood. If you live in an area that comes under Site Plan Control, you will have to undergo an additional architectural review to ensure that you maintain the theme of the neighborhood. So, before you decide to make multiple changes to your home, make sure that your ideas ‘fit’ other homes on the street.

Additionally, talk to the neighbors about your ideas so that they do not create any issue later. It will give your neighbors time to prepare their family for the construction noise as well.

• Keep it Safe

We all know that construction sites can be dangerous, especially when you have kids playing on the street. It is your duty to erect construction fences around the site to ensure that no one trespasses it. Check that the contractor takes adequate safety measures. There must be proper fall protection systems that include safety net and guardrails. You must also work on minimizing dust and mud tracking by laying gravel at entry and exit points.

One more thing that deserves your attention is the water that gets collected at your construction site. It can get contaminated if it remains stagnant for more than 24 hours. So, drain it regularly and do not let it become a health hazard for your family as well as other families in the neighborhood.

• Be Compassionate

When you are renovating your dream home, you must not forget others around you. Damaging public property or causing discomfort to neighbors is a no-no. Here’s how you can be compassionate and still finish the renovation work on time.

• Noise is one of biggest factors that cause annoyance to the community. Usually, the City of Mississauga allows construction noise between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. every day (except Statutory Holidays and Sundays). If you live near a hospital, make sure to check the quiet hours beforehand.

• Make trees and plants a part of your renovation plan. If not, do not remove them without proper consultation. Your neighborhood will have a limit on the number of plants that can be removed in one year.

• Provide proper sanitation facilities to the construction workers. Ask the builder to install portable toilets on the site.

• Make sure that construction vehicles do not block roads, especially during peak traffic hours.

When you are renovating a home, you have to consider several factors. Obtaining relevant permits and following the bylaws are a part and parcel of a home renovation process. So, it becomes necessary to hire the best home renovation contractor in Mississauga to ensure a successful and stress-free project.

The Home Improvement Group is GTA’s licensed home renovation contractor. Hire the company’s comprehensive home renovation services in Mississauga to build a home you desire and deserve.

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Mon, Oct 30th - 3:06PM

Painting the Trim: Small Space; Big Impact

Holiday Season is right around the Corner! And, with the Holidays, begin the family dinner, parties and get-togethers. If you want your home to look beautiful in the eyes of your guests, you need to spruce it up and give it a quick makeover. When time and money are big constraints, pick up the painting brushes. Painting your home is the most cost-effective way of giving it a new look for the Festivals. Now, if you think that paint still looks new, you can add a pop of color to the small elements of your home and bring it to life. And, what elements are we talking about?

How to paint the Trim and create a beautiful interior for your Home?

Painting the trims along with other decorative features such as crown molding, wainscoting, chair rail molding, etc. are the perfect way to accentuate the features of a room. If you are short of time, and want to add a new color to the interior of your home, painting the trim can add magic to the room and make your home visually appealing. It promises a big impact on the appearance of your home. But, before you bring out the paint cans, understand a few things about painting the trim.

• White - The Classic Choice!

A plain simple molding or an ornate one, you can never go wrong with white. It gives a classic look to the room. When you have a small room with bright colors, you can create an illusion of space with white trims. It will open up the area and make the room spacious than before.

It can complement colored walls as well as white ones, and so it is one of the most popular options for several years. If you are using different colors and different textures in a room, you can choose a white trim to create harmony. If you have chosen a very bright color for walls, you can tone it down with a white trim.

• Not White, still not really Bright

When want a sophisticated look for your home, you need not stick with white all the time. Choose neutral shades such as beige, ivory, grey etc. for the trim, chair rail molding and other features of a room. It will transform the look of room without being obvious about it.

If you are looking to create an old world charm in your home, neutral colors will do the work for you. But, whenever you choose a color for the trim, remember to match the underlying tones with the colors on the adjacent walls. Otherwise, the colors will not come together to create a beautiful end result.

• The Natural Look

If you have wooden trim in your home, you can maintain its look by varnishing the wood. If you want to change its color, staining is a good option. Usually, experts suggest using the same shade as the flooring to maintain the look of the room. You can even choose a darker tone for the trim and panels in a large room. It will create a warm and intimate ambience, which is suitable for dining room. Select lighter tones of stain color to make the room airy.

Before you paint the entire wooden trims, make sure to test it. Sometimes, the color may look totally different on the trim. So, it is better to check first than regret later.

• A Brighter You needs a Brighter Hue

Homeowners shy away from painting the entire room with bright colors because they fear that it will end up looking tacky. But, there is a solution. When you want to add bright colors to a room, painting the trim is the perfect way to add drama to any room. As the trim covers a small part of the room, you can use bright colors without any hesitation.

A brighter trim is ideal when there are other elements in the room that have a quirky look. For example, if you have a bright pink piece of furniture in the entertainment room, you can use a similar shade for the trim.

When it comes to painting the interior of home, homeowners do not give much importance to trims and other decorative features. But, if you want to use different elements of the room and create harmony, do not ignore them. Trims can have a big impact on the look of a room. Consider the material of the trims, color of the walls and the size of the room, among other factors to make a color choice.

Whether it is painting a kitchen or giving finishing touch to the trims, Perfect Painter can help you to beautify your property. Work with the expert Toronto home painter to give a new look to your home.

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