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Mon, Jan 12th - 3:12AM

Manage Employee Details using DRPU Employee Salary Software

In today’s era most business houses rely on employee planner application which provides simple solution for managing the entire employee details. DRPU employee salary software integrated much functionality in order to maintain the correct employee status in simplified manner. The software ensures the correct distribution of the salary among the users by calculating all the allowances and taxes imposed on that personal in computerized manner. Business utility is always produce the correct data as per added by the company administrators and supply as a complete solution for managing details like employee leaves details, Attendance details, In-out details, payrolls, scheduling the shifts and etc in effective way.

How the DRPU Employee Planner Works to Manage Employee Details

Step-1: Firstly user has to download and install the employee planner tool from the available website to your company PC.

Step-2:  Then run the software and create your company for storing the database of the employee on it. Options are available to open, close, delete and backup the existing company from the software.

Step-3: Then master module will enables us to manage the master settings of the employee like shift settings, company holidays settings, leaves settings, salary parameters etc.

Step-4: In-out board helps to manage the in-out details of the each and every employee.

Step-5: Attendance module will enables the users to maintain the attendance status of the workforce.

Step-6: Then comes to shift schedule module which helps to manage the shifts of different employee according to company terms and norms.

Step-7: If there are some employees engaging in tour and training activities then this kind of data can be managed by tour and training module of the software. You can add tour and training to any employee and can generate pass for that through this module.

Step-8: For managing the expenses, increment and decrement details of employee a separate module is assigned in this software.

Step-9: Whole payroll can be managed using a separate module which can generate manual and computerized manner in simplified manner. Through this software you can generate pay slip of the employee in efficient manner.

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