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Sat, Apr 28th - 11:35AM

Honesty Pays: How Can A True Picture Help You in Purchasing A Car?

Buying a car is an important decision for everyone. It can be a luxury purchase for a small section of the population. However, majority of the car buyers purchase a vehicle for utility purposes. A car purchase, thus, becomes all the more important for first-time car buyers who are spending their time and investment into making a purchase. So, before you select the car of your choice and begin the buying process, it becomes imperative to be honest about yourself.


Honesty: The Way Forward

You can only be honest about your car purchase if you have a clear idea about the entire process. Here are a few key points that will save you and your car, in the long run.

1) Provide Correct Documentation

The paperwork is the fundamental step that will determine the approval of your auto loan and eventually, your chosen car. The major documents required during an auto loan approval process are proof of income, residence and your credit report. Often, people falsify documents to increase their chances of approval. Do not get into the habit of setting up wrong documents as it will greatly damage your credibility and credit score in the coming years. Stay honest and truthful by submitting the correct documents. If you are required to get your credit score in check, start clearing your old debts and never miss a payment in the future.

2) Be Aware of your Financial Limitations

Every car with an expensive price tag looks beautiful. However, you do not need to stretch yourself and compromise your income on higher monthly payments because you like a make and model of an expensive car. Keep a ceiling amount in mind and then shop around for a car that fits your budget and choice. The best way to obtain lower monthly payments is to put substantial down payment. Ideally, 20 percent or more of the total car price is a decent down payment amount. You can opt for an auto loan that is spread over 60 months because it will invite comfortable interest rates. Therefore, have a clear idea of your current income and ascertain a ballpark figure which you are comfortable to expend on the car.

Make a Well-Thought Car Buying Decision

Purchasing your next car is a big decision and it should not be rushed. Take a while to figure out the difference between what you want and what you need. Additionally, make sure that you are being honest in the entire car buying process. Do not fraud your way to a new car. Go along the path of honesty and enjoy the fruits of a good deal in the long run.

When you are being honest about your auto loan application, it is essential that the subprime lender stays honest with you. Choose nation’s reputed instant auto financing company. Enjoy low rates and comfortable loan terms on your auto loan. Zero down payment car financing available.

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Sat, Jan 27th - 9:10AM

Selling Privately Vs Trading-in: How to Better Your Car Buying Experience?

If you have decided to tell goodbye to your old car, there are usually two options ahead. One option is to sell off your used car for a good price. Alternatively, you can trade-in your old car at a dealership and avoid making a hefty down payment for the new vehicle. Often people get baffled during the moment of decision between private selling and trading-in the old automobile. There are numerous factors that decide the outcome. The following key elements, posed as questions, will help you further ponder on what you can make of your used car.

Which Pivotal Questions can help you make a Car Selling Decision?

1) What type of a Car do you own?

Possessing a high-end or low-end car can be a significant factor in deciding if you should sell your car or opt for trade-in. For instance, if you own a Honda Civic or a Ford F-Series, it would be a good idea to sell your vehicle. Low-end and affordable cars make for great trade-ins. A high-in-demand and industry relevant car pays off in the long term as there are enough buyers willing to purchase it. However, it is advisable to compare the selling price of your car with online portals such as Kelly Blue Book or Edmunds before you make a decision.

2) What is the Financial Status of your Car?

A complicated scenario can arise out of selling a car that isn’t completely paid off. The title and registration formalities of the car are prerequisites while selling a used car. Another reason why selling is difficult is that the new buyer will not get an auto loan on a partially paid car easily. Therefore, if you still have to make payments on your car, it is a wise move to trade-in your automobile. Dealers are less fussy as they can roll your current auto financing plan into a new one by keeping in mind the trade-in value.

3) Which option gives Higher Returns?

A dealership that helps you to trade-in your vehicle provides lesser returns as compared to selling your old car. The primary reason for lower returns on trading-in automobiles is that a dealer puts in concentrated effort for preparing the vehicle for sale, handling paperwork on behalf of the owner and arranging car auctions. Privately selling a car will generate higher returns as you are in a good position to negotiate a higher price.

Get rid of the Old to welcome the New Car

Choosing how to part ways from your vehicle is always a difficult choice. However, when it comes to trading-in or privately selling your car, the above questions will seek to throw light on your decision. Also, they will sort the complexities of buying a car and easy auto financing. So, next time you want to sell your old car, take a long hard look at the condition of your car and then make a decision.

Have you given away your old car? Now is the time to focus on the financing of the new vehicle. Work with a reputed subprime car lender to buy a car of your choice. Choose someone who will help you to obtain guaranteed car loans and make things simpler for you. Apply now to enjoy instant auto financing for people with bad credit.

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Tue, Dec 12th - 10:15AM

How to Better Dealership Financing Experience in the New Year?

A few days before New Year’s Eve is the appropriate time to note down all the resolutions for the coming year. Many resolutions circle around losing weight, imbibing discipline and saving more money. Purchasing an automobile is a noteworthy affair considering the amount of money and time spent after it. As a car buyer, New Year resolutions should help you better analyze your needs and take the proper steps to acquire your dream car.

Obtain the Best Car Deal: A Financially-Wise New Year Resolution

Resolution 1: I will not rush into the first deal that catches my eye

Buyers face regrets by rushing the process and getting a car that does not serve their purpose. Firstly, it is important to assess your primary requirement. Some questions that you should ask yourself to gain further clarity are: Who all would be using the car? Are advanced technologies important? How much am I willing to splurge? Dealership financing is a great way to simultaneously take care of the two wide spectrums of choosing a car and arranging the finance. As a dealership lot houses used cars as well as new cars, zeroing in on the automobile that you require becomes simple.

Resolution 2: I will think progressively and choose what is ideal in the long run

The rut of monthly payments can limit you from viewing the bigger picture. Before dwelling into car buying, you should have a clear idea about the car price, interest rates and the relevant auto loan terms. A practical resolution is to not sign away your life making monthly payments. A 72-month or 84-month auto loan comes with the benefit of low monthly payments but you may have to pay more towards interest rates. Additionally, dealers are more likely to approve loans that have a short-term life. It means negotiating a good deal becomes easy with a short-term auto loan. Local dealership financing also helps a great deal in getting pre-approved auto loans.

Resolution 3: I will prepare ahead and drive safe

Documentation is an essential part of the car buying process. The checklist of basic documents includes proof of residence, consistent income and a good credit score. The correct documents will make the whole process seamless and assist you in obtaining a faster approval for your auto loan. Also, staying updated on various local dealership schemes will be advantageous. Read up on ongoing cash rebates and incentives that will guide you in getting the most out of the deal. Moreover, strive to choose the car that is safe, reliable and the one that invites the least maintenance charges.

Be Determined about your Resolution: Make the Right Dealership Financing Deal

A resolution is only effective as long as you follow through the plan. A car purchasing experience should be carefully crafted where you spend right, save more and resolve to obtain the most out of dealership financing. Set your New Year right with the resolutions to acquire a better dealership financing experience.

Make the most of your car buying experience by getting the best financing deal! Do not worry about buying a car with bad credit. Search for a subprime auto financing company to make things easy for you. Choose a reputed lender and enjoy low rates on dealership financing.

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Fri, Nov 10th - 10:51AM

Internet Tools: How do they play a Role in your Car Buying Journey?

Do you cringe at the thought of physically visiting hundred different dealerships to buy a car? In this day and age when technology is an integral part of our lives, the usage of internet is bound to increase. Internet acts as a savior for those who require convenience and reduced physical activity during a car purchase. Additionally, the accessible sphere of the internet allows one to explore the car purchasing process on a wide platform. Therefore, when you think about buying your next car, internet tools can ease your car buying process.

Internet Tools play an Imperative Role in helping you buy a Car

1) Convenience

A dealership displays various cars along with the prices and features. However, in order to gain knowledge about the features of the car of your choice, you need to shop around. The presence of internet in the buying process discards any location limitations and provides all the necessary information under one website. There might be a good amount of car buyers who cannot spot their right car because of limited options. The role of the internet tools helps in bringing accessibility and making the entire process convenient for the car buyer.

2) Budget Clarity

Many a times, purchasing a car from a dealership becomes a confusing process. The car amount, along with the down payment, and the subsequent payments become challenging to calculate. The platform of internet eases the process by simplifying the calculations through auto loan calculators. They provide accurate information regarding the car amount, interest and monthly payments. Therefore, you do not need to spend excess money as you can select the car and the auto loan that rightly fits your budget.

3) Effectiveness

The option of online budgeting and savings tools are exclusive only in the sphere of the internet. Different websites compare prices and features of cars that fit in your budget and help you to choose a car. Additionally, the internet tool of a ‘Savings Calculator’ helps you to ascertain the exact time it will take to buy a car of a certain amount. The online tools take care of the amount difference occurring due to different time periods and help in estimating the correct cost of the car in the future.

The Bottom Line: Internet is the Way to make Car Buying Process Simpler

Looking for a new car to purchase can be an exciting adventure. Often, we are so consumed with the idea of quickly purchasing a car that we forget to consider all the important factors. The increasingly helpful role of the internet has come with its own set of advantages. A few reliable websites to assist you in your car buying journey are Kelly Blue Book, Edmunds and CarsDirect. Each website contains accurate information and online tools to guide you to make the correct decision in buying your car. Thus, the next time you have your heart set on a car, do not forget to optimize the usage of internet in making a purchase.

EZ Auto Finance is the perfect online auto financing company to finish your car buying process. Work with the bad credit auto loan giant to buy a car without worrying about bad credit history. Apply now to get an auto loan without down payment.

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Sat, Oct 14th - 7:04AM

How the Equifax Data Breach Affects your Auto Loan Decision?

The auto industry, as with any other industry, carries some established companies known for their services. Equifax, one of the biggest credit reporting agencies, reported a cyber-security incident on the 7th of September 2017. The data breach occurred when cybercriminals gained access to important consumer files while risking the data identity of approximately 143 million U.S. citizens. And, it is not the end. On 12th of October, 2017, Equifax customers had to face another cyber-attack. Equifax website redirected its customers to a third-party site that encouraged them to download malicious software.

In times of peril, it becomes confusing to ascertain the future impact on various decisions such as buying a car. However, with complete knowledge about the risks associated with the Equifax data breach scenario and the preventive measures, you can make an informed decision towards purchasing your dream car.

Make the Car Buying Process Smooth

Primarily, go to the Type your last name and the last six digits of your SSN. You will be able to know if your data is compromised or not. If you are at risk, you can take the following preventative measures and secure your financials.

1) Risk: Identity Theft in your Name

Prevention: The biggest threat to a data leak is identity theft occurring in your name. An identity theft refers to using another person’s information to fulfill fraudulent practices. The preventive measure against an identity theft is to freeze your credit report. Essentially, a credit freeze locks your report and prevents your creditors from viewing it. No new accounts can be linked to you as a credit freeze reduces the possibility of access to personal information. Therefore, you can purchase your new car without the fear of an identity theft taking place during the auto-loan transaction.

2) Risk: Unauthorized Purchases on your Credit

Prevention: Often, we forget to track our credit expenditure. In times when your credit information is vulnerable to exposure, you should take utmost care of unauthorized purchases made on your credit. Additionally, credit monitoring is an important tool that will help you to keep track of credit reports. Any suspicious activity gets noticed as long your credit is monitored. Credit monitoring is helpful for people with a low credit score who wish to purchase a new car. Thus, it becomes simpler to track any outstanding amount and one can decide on a larger down payment on the auto loan in accordance to their credit report.

3) Risk: Fraudulent Activities

Prevention: The data leak of 143 million people poses a serious risk for the initiation of fraudulent activities. A fraudulent activity such as overspending on your credit card or filling wrong tax returns can disrupt your credit report. Preventive measures in the form of fraud alerts can play a very important role in protecting you from such deceitful actions of cybercriminals. A fraud alert gives you complete control over the process of applying for an auto loan. Also, you will get a notification if anyone applies for credit in your name. Only after reasonable verification will the process move ahead.

The Equifax 2017 data breach was a sad event. However, it was also an eye-opener in the midst of an unaware world. Along with a surge in the risk, there are enough ways to protect ourselves from the ill effects of the data breach. Therefore, work towards maximizing the scope of preventive measures and obtain an auto loan to buy a car.

Are you looking to buy car with bad credit, but worried about seeking an online auto loan approval? Work with The company works with to provide a secure online process to car buyers. Submit your loan application on the secure website and get ready for instant auto loan approval.

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