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Fri, Nov 24th - 10:39AM

How to buy a Car with the End-of-Year Deals?

Shopping for a car during Holidays is no joke. Many individuals quickly find themselves unprepared and confused for the task ahead. A few of them leave the pursuit of finding the best deal and head home to enjoy the festivities. But, remember that Christmas is one of the top 5 holidays for making a car purchase. According to, dealers offer 35.6% more deals during Christmas than any other time of the year.

End of Year Car Buying Tips

Buy a Car: Make the Most of End-Of-Year Deals

If you want to buy a car during the end of 2017, do not walk down to the dealership before making a detailed analysis. Hereís how you can obtain the best deal and come home with a car.

  • The Search and Research begins: What does it involve?

Buying a cheap car that doesnít meet your requirements is not a good deal. You need to find aggressive discounts on the type of car that you want. To find a vehicle of your choice, check the list of car rankings. You may find that many car related websites in the market provide detailed review of car models, enabling you to make an informed decision. Understand each car modelís performance against different cars and find your pick.

Also, one cannot stress the importance of having pre-approved auto financing during this time of the year. With a ready check in your hand, you will be able to grab the best end-of-year deals without letting them go to any other buyer. So, find your car and then make sure that you have money for buying it.

  • Whatís the Scene at the Lot?

Compare end-of-year car shopping to a clearance sale. You may not find a wide-range of inventory at the dealership lot. Color options may be few. Or, you may find that different versions of the model are unavailable. Also, there will be several other people vying for the same car as you. On the other hand, you can enjoy great monetary benefits. Auto makers offers huge discounts to push slow-selling models and dealers are ready to share their incentives with you in the hopes of clearing space for 2018 car models. It results in incredible savings for you.

  • The Kind of Deals that you can Expect

Auto makers and dealers are offering different types of deals across the nation. Kelley Blue Book and US News are a few websites that offer detailed analysis of different car deals available during the Holiday Season. For example, you can obtain $6,250 cash back on the 2017 Chrysler 300. On, Hyundai Sonata, the cash back amount is even higher. 2017 Ford Mustang is offering 0% financing for 72 months along with $1000 in cash back. On Honda Accord 2017, you can avail benefits up to $2700 in the form of discounts. And, it is expected that the pricing will become more aggressive as the year ends.

This Christmas, Gift yourself the Comfort of Car

To truly enjoy the gift of car, you must be diligent in making the purchase. Do not say yes to the sticker price that the dealer offers you. Just because you will enjoy great financing deals and end-of-year offers, it doesnít mean you cannot negotiate the price. Discuss the price of the car, involve the down payment angle in the negotiation and make an informed decision. If you feel that the salesman will overwhelm you with all the numbers and pressurize you to the close the deal, it is best to bring your support. Ask your partner or friends to join you in making the decision.

Stay smart, find the best deal and get ready for the perfect Christmas gift!

This Christmas, work with a professional lender and enjoy the gift of guaranteed auto financing. Get quick approval on no down payment auto loans and get ready to grab the best end-of-year deals. Apply now.

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Mon, Nov 20th - 9:55AM

How to avoid buying a Flooded Car in Baltimore?

Baltimore faced unseasonal storm and several flooding conditions a couple of months ago. You may think that you have dealt with all the problems associated with flooding and heavy rains. But, there is one aspect of floods that you should not ignore, especially when you are looking to buy a used car in the Charm City.

How to detect a Flooded Car in Baltimore

Rains caused severe flooding in Central parts of Maryland. And, several cars were inundated during the catastrophic act. These cars are now making their way to the used car market.

Is it okay to buy a Flooded Car?

Anyone will tell you to avoid buying a car that was caught in the middle of a flood. Even if the car is completely dry, there must be traces of dirt and debris in the carís engine. Also, water may have affected the electrical components of the car. It can be dangerous to drive such an unreliable car.

It is only okay to buy a car if it has suffered minimal flood damage during the recent rains in Baltimore. But, if the insurance company has declared it as a total loss or it has a salvaged title, it is best to avoid the purchase. You may argue that repairs are an option. But, if there is an issue of salt-water flooding, it will be difficult to fix the car. Unless you are okay with rebuilding a flooded car from scratch, avoid it.

Tips for Avoiding a Flooded Car in Baltimore

Now, if the car is damaged due to floods, you may avoid buying it. But, what if a dealer or a private seller is not upfront about the carís history? How to ascertain whether a car is flood-damaged?

1. Flood-damaged cars have a musty smell to them. If you feel that the smell is not obvious, close the doors and windows of the car and check for nasty odors.

2. Are there any water stains on the seat covers? Do the covers seem new in comparison to the car? It is often a tell-tale sign that the dealer is trying to hide something.

3. Also, inspect the undercarriage and the engine compartment for rust.

4. If the engine oil appears muddy, it is a sign that the quality of the car was compromised during rains.

5. Take the car for test-drive to ascertain any type of water damage. Are there any unpleasant odors, unpredicted sounds, or unexpected smoke?

6. Even if you find no problem after thorough inspection, it is wise to seek help from an expert. Hiring a mechanic may seem unnecessary and expensive. But, it is better to pay for inspection than end up with a lemon.

7. Learn the carís history with the help of VIN or Vehicle Identification Number. Obtain free vehicle history report by submitting the VIN on the National Insurance Crime Bureauís website.

Better be Safe than Sorry!

It is true that a car is necessity for most individuals living in Baltimore. It is a way of living. And, so you must pay extra attention to the car you choose. Check signs for flood damage, obtain the vehicle history report and find a trusted mechanic to understand the real deal.

Remember a successful purchase is always a cautious and well-thought one!

Have you found your perfect car after thorough research? If you want to seal the deal, work with a reputed lender. Trust a bad credit Maryland auto loan expert to solve your credit issues. Once you are sure of your financing partner, nothing will stop you from getting guaranteed auto loan in Baltimore.

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Mon, Nov 13th - 7:50AM

Why a Car is a Necessity in the city of Detroit?

Cars are an integral part of every American city. And, it has a special bond with the city of Detroit. For Detroiters, buying a car is not a way of fulfilling their passion but it is also their need. Even though the city started a streetcar service called QLine in May, 2017, residents still think of car as their primary choice of commute.

Why a Car is a Necessity in the city of Detroit?

Car: The Need of Every Detroiter

Public transportation is one of the biggest problems of Detroit, and the most widely discussed as well. Learn why even with different options such as buses, streetcars, intercity buses, bike shares, etc. people still prefer buying a car.

  • Convenience is the Key

DDOT buses are the only option to go around places in Detroit. It covers the entire city but the problem is that the buses do not run on time. And, it can become difficult when you have to reach your work quickly and efficiently. People Mover rail and QLine streetcars guarantee to help you reach on time, but the service is not available in each and every part of the Motor City.

  • Comfort is Important too!

Why choose a car? It is because of the comfort it offers to you and your family. You may prefer the local public transport buses. But, when you think of comfort, you will definitely want to choose your car over anything else. Who would like to wait endlessly at the bus stops that do not have any proper shelter? The truth is your car offers the most comfort while travelling. It allows you to leave your home and reach places at your time and that too, comfortably. Also, weekend getaways become easy when you own car.

  • Is Car the Only Solution?

It is a fact that 26 percent of Detroiters do not use car. So, you may think of avoiding the dealership lot. You may think of using the bike to work because 200 miles of the city is covered with bike lanes. But, it is not a complete solution to your commute issues. Also, Uber is available in Detroit, but it is expensive on a daily basis.

And, the matter of the fact is that Detroiters are connected to cars. They have seen the rise of automobile industry with their eyes. The city has large freeways, and easy parking which make car a sensible option. Also, the safety and security that your car offers to you and your family members is incomparable. So, a car is definitely a sensible choice.

How to Buy a Car in Detroit?

The reason behind fewer Detroiters buying a car is not crowded streets. It is lack of affordable car buying options. The empty roads may tempt you to buy a car but high monthly payments can become a trouble. So, what is the solution? How to buy a car in Detroit?

The answer is simple. Work with an online auto financing company. Traditional banks and buy here pay here dealerships are not the only options available with you. Today, online lenders have ensured higher approval chances for every Detroit car buyer. Check the lenderís reputation and discuss the monthly payments, interest rates and loan terms in detail. Once you are sure of everything, sign the dotted line and say yes to a comfortable commute! is the #1 choice of Detroit car buyers. The bad credit auto financing company is popular in Michigan for ensuring guaranteed Michigan auto loan approval at low interest rates. Work with the loan expert today; get a Detroit auto loan immediately.

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