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Wed, Apr 23rd - 3:08AM

Most Crucial Factors in a Private Party Auto Loan

One of the blog followers, Kimberly, sent in her doubts regarding private party auto purchase. She wanted help in buying a car from Hereís how Private Party Auto Loans helped her.


I live in Rhode Island. I was searching for a reliable Honda Civic. I finally found one. But, the seller is not a dealer. He is an individual from New York.† I saw the listing on If I buy from him, what kind of things should I concentrate on while buying and applying for car loan?†

- Kimberly, Barrington, RI.

When you buy a car from an individual instead of a dealer, you are making a private party auto purchase. It includes purchase through an online auction, classifieds, your neighbor or relative, etc.† There are no dealer commission/fees in such transactions and so, you end up saving more.

When you are buying a car from a person, you should maintain the same level of alertness that you maintain while buying at a dealership. Check the condition of tires, headlights and tail lights. Burn marks, stains, and tears in the fabric of the carís interior can also tell you a lot about it.

Make sure that you have access to all paperwork like Safety Inspection Certificates and Certificate of Title.† You must go through the Vehicle History Report for details regarding the car title.

While opting for auto loans, choose a lender that provides private party financing. Donít get confused if the lender uses other names like person to person auto loans, individual seller auto loans, non-dealer option,etc.

When you apply with a lender, you will have to provide vehicle information like the carís make and model, manufacturing year, and the current lien holder (if any). So, be ready with it.

These are the points which you should focus on while making a private party car purchase.† It will help you in getting a better deal.

Private Party Auto Loans ensures that you get the best auto financing program. With the companyís affordable car loan rates, you get the opportunity to save more. Apply now for quick approval.

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