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Sat, Apr 19th - 3:50AM

Car Buying Advice for New Washington Residents
Washington Auto Loans not only offers low rate auto financing, but also provides tips to lower your car cost. Hereís a question about buying a car when moving from Oregon to Washington. If you have any question related to car buying and financing, drop in a comment and we will get back to you.

I live in Portland, Oregon. My husband has a got a great job in Spanaway city of Washington. He will be joining next month. But, I will be moving in September after taking care of things here. Now, we didnít own a car in Oregon but we will need one in Washington. Should I buy a car here or in WA? I have heard that Oregon has no service tax. But, if I buy here, will it be compulsory to pay the tax in Washington. I am confused. Please help me.
† † - Catherine R.

(Moving from Portland, Oregon to Spanaway, Washington)


Oregon is a state where you donít have to pay sales tax on car. Itís simply great but sadly it wonít be the case when you start to live in Washington. Now, if you want to save on tax while buying a car, buy it in Oregon. But, remember to make the purchase 3 months before moving to Washington. This is because WA has a rule that Use Tax* will be charged if you purchase a "private motor vehicle" in another state within 90 days before moving to Washington.
There are a few requirements which you should meet. Here they are:
1. A "private motor vehicle" is used for the personal transportation of the individual. It has a load capacity of 1500 pounds or less.
2. Vehicles with a load capacity greater than 1500 pounds, RVs, watercraft and trailers do not qualify for this exemption.
*Use Tax is the same rate as sales tax and. It is outstanding when a property is brought into Washington if sales tax was not paid.
So, buy your vehicle this month or the next. And, then take it with you to Washington in September. This way you will pass the 90 days requirement easily and save on the tax.

Washington Car Loans has started offering low rate car financing in the neighboring states of Washington. This means you can enjoy affordable and instant car loans in Oregon as well. Apply now and get ready to save more.

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