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Tue, Apr 29th - 3:16AM

Why should you choose Private Party Auto Purchase? – Clear Benefits

In today's economy, consumers want value. Everyone wants to get more value for lesser price. If you are a car shopper, you definitely want a reliable yet affordable car. Don’t think a dealer is the only option for getting a car. You can buy a used car from a friend, relative, online websites, advertisements, car auctions, etc. This is called private party car purchase.

As auto owners don’t have to pay for salesmen salaries and advertising overheads, they charge lesser money than dealers. So, buying from a private party car seller is beneficial for your wallet. Make it even more profitable with Private Party Auto Loans. Don’t fret over bad credit because the company provides quick approval to people with less than perfect credit score. Sounds a great chance to buy a car, doesn’t it?

So, don’t let this opportunity pass by. Apply now and get ready to avail the most advantageous loan deal of your life.

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Wed, Apr 23rd - 3:08AM

Most Crucial Factors in a Private Party Auto Loan

One of the blog followers, Kimberly, sent in her doubts regarding private party auto purchase. She wanted help in buying a car from Here’s how Private Party Auto Loans helped her.


I live in Rhode Island. I was searching for a reliable Honda Civic. I finally found one. But, the seller is not a dealer. He is an individual from New York.  I saw the listing on If I buy from him, what kind of things should I concentrate on while buying and applying for car loan? 

- Kimberly, Barrington, RI.

When you buy a car from an individual instead of a dealer, you are making a private party auto purchase. It includes purchase through an online auction, classifieds, your neighbor or relative, etc.  There are no dealer commission/fees in such transactions and so, you end up saving more.

When you are buying a car from a person, you should maintain the same level of alertness that you maintain while buying at a dealership. Check the condition of tires, headlights and tail lights. Burn marks, stains, and tears in the fabric of the car’s interior can also tell you a lot about it.

Make sure that you have access to all paperwork like Safety Inspection Certificates and Certificate of Title.  You must go through the Vehicle History Report for details regarding the car title.

While opting for auto loans, choose a lender that provides private party financing. Don’t get confused if the lender uses other names like person to person auto loans, individual seller auto loans, non-dealer option,etc.

When you apply with a lender, you will have to provide vehicle information like the car’s make and model, manufacturing year, and the current lien holder (if any). So, be ready with it.

These are the points which you should focus on while making a private party car purchase.  It will help you in getting a better deal.

Private Party Auto Loans ensures that you get the best auto financing program. With the company’s affordable car loan rates, you get the opportunity to save more. Apply now for quick approval.

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Mon, Apr 21st - 2:47AM

The Texan Claws are out against this Company
The Palo Alto headquartered company is facing problems in states that have prohibited its direct-sales model. Texas is among those states. Tesla is fighting a loan battle against powerful auto dealers who are trying to throw cold water on the company’s selling model. This news comes at a time when the electric car company is considering Texas for $5 billion battery plant and 6,500 jobs.

The company came into limelight with the production of Roadster. Its new car Tesla Model S is a success with critics and consumers rooting for it. Now, to buy the $70,000 to $130,000 ranged car model, you have to go online. This is because you can not place orders at Tesla Austin (at The Domain). You can not even discuss price there. Also, the company is allowed to offer limited test-driving opportunities in Texas. This means if you want an urgent test drive, you have to go to a neighboring state that hasn’t shot down the company's direct selling proposition.

Texan Legislature did not allow Tesla to exempt itself from selling through dealerships. The Texas Automobile Dealers Association believes that the law shouldn’t change for any special interest (read the billion dollar factory plant). The president of the Association, Bill Wolters, is worried about dealerships, specifically those in the rural region who would sustain losses if there was no legal protection against factory-owned dealerships.

But, Tesla is tenacious on selling directly to Texan car buyers. It wants to eliminate franchised dealers who act as middlemen between manufacturers and end car buyers. Their argument rests on the logic that Tesla’s sales are very minor to justify the need of a franchise dealership. And, they believe that the sales staff working at major dealership won’t pitch for Tesla against easier-to-sell gasoline automobiles.

Only time will tell, who wins - Tesla or the Texas Automobile Dealers Association? Who do you support? Please drop in your views in the comments sections. We would love to hear from you.

No matter you buy a car online or from a dealer’s lot, it is important to shop for Texas Auto Loans on the internet only. By opting for online submission of your loan request, you get access to quick approval on 0 cost loan quotes. So, apply now.

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Sat, Apr 19th - 3:50AM

Car Buying Advice for New Washington Residents
Washington Auto Loans not only offers low rate auto financing, but also provides tips to lower your car cost. Here’s a question about buying a car when moving from Oregon to Washington. If you have any question related to car buying and financing, drop in a comment and we will get back to you.

I live in Portland, Oregon. My husband has a got a great job in Spanaway city of Washington. He will be joining next month. But, I will be moving in September after taking care of things here. Now, we didn’t own a car in Oregon but we will need one in Washington. Should I buy a car here or in WA? I have heard that Oregon has no service tax. But, if I buy here, will it be compulsory to pay the tax in Washington. I am confused. Please help me.
    - Catherine R.

(Moving from Portland, Oregon to Spanaway, Washington)


Oregon is a state where you don’t have to pay sales tax on car. It’s simply great but sadly it won’t be the case when you start to live in Washington. Now, if you want to save on tax while buying a car, buy it in Oregon. But, remember to make the purchase 3 months before moving to Washington. This is because WA has a rule that Use Tax* will be charged if you purchase a "private motor vehicle" in another state within 90 days before moving to Washington.
There are a few requirements which you should meet. Here they are:
1. A "private motor vehicle" is used for the personal transportation of the individual. It has a load capacity of 1500 pounds or less.
2. Vehicles with a load capacity greater than 1500 pounds, RVs, watercraft and trailers do not qualify for this exemption.
*Use Tax is the same rate as sales tax and. It is outstanding when a property is brought into Washington if sales tax was not paid.
So, buy your vehicle this month or the next. And, then take it with you to Washington in September. This way you will pass the 90 days requirement easily and save on the tax.

Washington Car Loans has started offering low rate car financing in the neighboring states of Washington. This means you can enjoy affordable and instant car loans in Oregon as well. Apply now and get ready to save more.

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Fri, Apr 18th - 3:08AM

Illinois, you gave us the Coolest Gift of Car Racing
Long before NASCAR and Indy Car Racing, Chicago Times Herald organised nation’s first automobile race in 1895.  November 28th is an important date in the car racing world because it was the first time that America got a taste of car racing. The race was conducted with the motto of propagating “motocycle” which had been introduced in America just 2 years earlier.

At 8:55 a.m., six “motocycles” (a term for horseless vehicles) began their 54 mile race from Jackson Park, Chicago. They had to race to Evanston and back. Initially, the course of the race was to drive from Chicago to Milwaukee. But, unsupportive road conditions shortened the distance.

(America's First Car Race Map)

Even though eighty three cars entered the race, only six showed up on the competition day.The winner was J. Frank Duryea, who completed the race in 10 hours, clocking in an average speed of 7.3 miles per hour.

Duryea had built his vehicle with his brother, Charles, and they claimed it to be the first American gasoline-powered automobile. Duryea received $2,000 for winning the first ever American automobile race.

(Photo of Frank Duryea participating in the very first American automobile race in Chicago)

Illinoisans have been in a relationship with cars for long. And,
Illinois Car Loans is just making it stronger by providing you the best auto financing programs. Get low rate car loan quickly by filling the zero cost application form now. 

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Thu, Apr 17th - 4:58AM

The Story of a No Credit Car Buyer
Brittany is a young car buyer from Washington. Her no credit status is making her anxious. She sent her question to our e-mail address finance @ . Here’s how I helped her.

My name is Brittany. I currently don't have any credit. I am 18 and just starting to build my credit.  But i was wondering if you guys will allow me to get a loan for a car and if so how does that work? I did fill out the thing on your page but i can’t put a credit score down because i don’t have any credit. If you can email me back with some more information that’d be great.

( Image Courtesy : )

Initially, traditional lenders avoided providing loans to people with no credit history. But, these loans are very common today. Our company, Rapid Car Loans, does provide auto financing to young car buyers.

The procedure for applying is very simple. You need to fill the application form on the secure website. For getting approval, you should have a stable job (part-time job is okay). Your gross monthly income should be least be $1000. You can even get a co-signer and/or down payment for getting quick approval.

In reference to your question related to credit score, please select an average credit score which you think describes your situation best. As and when the company's representative contacts you, you can tell them about the no credit situation.

Rapid Car Loans is an online auto financing company. It has been serving car buyers across the nation since 2008. Our Finance Guy, Rock Watson, has been a loan consultant in the company for many years. He has worked with people with credit issues, bankruptcy, low income and everything else. He can assist you in getting a car loan. Just leave your questions/doubts/queries for him and he will help you out.

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Mon, Apr 14th - 6:30AM

Obamacare may take (some) care of your Car Insurance as well

Do you think you are paying more for insuring your car? Well, you are going to get some help from The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), commonly called the Affordable Care Act (ACA) or "Obamacare". The Act may be helpful in reducing your car insurance rates by 2%.

Rand Corporation’s recent study mentions that as more people will be covered under health insurance, there will be reduction in other insurance rates. With “Obamacare”, more people will have health insurance which means the health insurance company will cover the more of the cost which are currently handled by car insurers. This will reduce the expenditure of car insurance companies.

Now, only time will tell if the companies are ready to pass savings to customers. If they do, you and I can definitely get some relief in insurance rates.

It is a probability that car insurance rates will reduce. But, getting low rate auto financing is a reality. Get the most affordable auto financing programs with Rapid Car Loans. Bad credit car buyers can apply without any tension.

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Sat, Apr 12th - 1:25AM

Land Rover’s “Transparent Hood Technology” – Not only know your Car, know what’s beneath your Car as well

Auto Shows are loved by everyone because they allow you to peak into the amazing world of automobiles. Like every year, the New York International Auto Show promises to bring you the coolest cars and the hottest concept vehicles at the Jacob Javits Convention Centre.

Book you tickets for the incredible show that starts from April 18th 2014. Among several new models and concept vehicles, you will find the Land Rover Discovery Concept. It has a great potential to transform your interaction with your vehicle. The company is working on “transparent hood” which facilitates in knowing what’s going on below the truck.

Dr. Wolfgang Epple, director of research and technology for Jaguar Land Rover said, “It gives drivers an augmented view of reality to help them tackle anything from the toughest off-road route to the tight confines of urban parking”.

Sounds interesting, doesn’t? I am eagerly waiting for the moment when the car is unveiled at the NY International Auto Show 2014. Aren’t you?

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