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Sun, May 18th - 11:02PM

Online bus ticket booking

TicketGoose is one of the simplest online bus ticket booking portals. With more than 1,681 renowned bus operators like KPN Travels, Parveen Travels, SRS Travels, MJT Travels and many others as its online partners, it provides abundant choices for its customer to sort and book tickets according to their convenience.

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Tue, Mar 25th - 12:38AM

Tips for Women who plan to Travel alone
They say, ‘It’s a man’s world’. It may not sound that appealing to the ears of a feminist, but there is some truth to that phrase. If one is a loner, a journey may turn out to be a little harsh. Things get exacerbated if the loner is female as she is likely to find desperate romeos cutting across all ages.
There have been many incidents of women being harassed at night even in Volvo buses, which are considered to be safe and secure and expected to be used by ‘decent’ people only. Women should not let their guards down even when travelling alone in ‘secure’ modes of transport like A/C Volvo buses, A/C trains or even flights. Many women need to get out of that mentality, ‘We have a right to…’, ‘We don’t need anyone’, etc. They need to realize some harsh facts of life sooner rather than later to ensure their own safety.
There are certain dos and don’ts to be kept in mind for a woman, whether young or old, while travelling alone. Firstly, she needs to listen to her instinct or sixth sense while trusting new people. She (a young woman) should not expect and wait for her prince charming to meet her in a bus, as a short period of time can often be misleading. Having said that, there are exceptions too. A genuine guy will never seem desperate. Conversations with total strangers should be avoided, except for necessary interactions. Last but not the least, great care and caution need to be maintained during the process of online bus ticket booking. Ladies’ seats should be made use of and one should be aware of the fact that seats can always be exchanged in favour of ladies in any bus on any route.
These days, it may sometimes be unavoidable for young working women, especially in the IT sector to travel alone by bus, especially say for example a Chennai to Bangalore journey in the course of a weekend. A little care exercised, and travelling can be a great experience. Now avail great ticket discounts offered by online bus ticket booking [] to reach the destination of your choice.

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