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Sat, Nov 2nd - 8:24AM

Drax the Destroyer
Drax the Destroyer
Drax possesses a variety of super-human powers that utilize the cosmic energy bestowed upon his artificially created form by Kronos and Mentor, including superhuman strength and durability.

The Destroyer's body, while inhabited by Drax's spirit, is nearly invulnerable to all forms of physical injury. It is not known how great a force is necessary to injure him. His artificially created body could exist indefinitely in the vacuum of outer space, and he could survive for an unknown length without air, food, or water. Drax can fly by harnessing cosmic energy as a propulsion source. The maximum rate of speed that Drax could attain is not known, but he could make interplanetary journeys in a matter of weeks. It is unknown if he has retained this ability in his current form.

Drax can also harness his cosmic energy and project it through his arms as concussive blasts. The maximum amount of force Drax can project is not known; he can, however, project enough energy to shatter large, ferrous meteors. It is unknown if he has retained this ability in his current form.

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